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Notice of Staking & Application Permit to Drill

Notice of Staking and Application Permits to Drill

The BLM Royal Gorge Field Office (RGFO) encourages operators to submit Notice of Staking (NOS) for review and
discussion of any issues prior to submitting an Application for Permit to Drill (APD). Our goal is to eliminate
delays in processing APDs. Please contact us with any questions.

1) The Notice of Staking (NOS)  provides notice to the Bureau of Land Management that staking has been (or will be) completed for well locations on federal or Indian leases and serves as a request to schedule an on-site inspection. This is the first step in developing a federal mineral lease.

2) The Application for Permit to Drill (APD) is a detailed document describing a drilling project, its purpose, and ancillary matters associated with drilling the well on federal minerals. This document is reviewed by several departments within the BLM and must be approved before any drilling activities can occur on a federal mineral lease. This is the second step in developing a federal mineral lease.

To view the life cycle of a well, click here .

Below you will find useful information for both of these steps in the development process.

Checklist - This provides the components of a complete NOS and/or APD

Blank Notice of Staking - This link will take you to a blank NOS form to be filled in and submitted.

Blank Application for Permit to Drill - This link will take you to a blank APD form to be filled in and submitted. 

Operator Certification - This form can also be found in the APD as part of the Surface Use Plan of Operations (SUPO).

Example APD - This model APD is an example of what an APD should look like using the Onshore Order #1 layout.

The Gold Book -  All the surface operating standards and guidelines for Oil & Gas Exploration and Development on public lands. This is the fourth edition, revised in 2007. This book was developed to assist operators by providing information on the requirements for obtaining permit approval and conducting environmentally responsible oil and gas operations on Federal land and on private surface over Federal minerals.  Operations include exploration, production, reclamation, associated rights-of-way and Special Use Authorizations.

Onshore Order #1 -  The Order outlines the application requirements for the approval of all proposed oil and gas and service wells, certain subsequent well operations, and abandonment on federal lands. In was published in the Federal Register as: DOI, BLM  43 CFR Part 3160; DOA, FS 36 CFR Part 228

Bond Requirements -  Here you will find information regarding the procedures for obtaining Surety and Personal Bonds.  

IM 2015-142 Increased Fee for Processing Applications for Permits to Drill in Fiscal Year 2015.

Air Quality References - There are several aspects of air quality that you must consider during the APD phase. Please see the links below for those references.

Archaeological Requirements – There are several archaeological requirements for oil and gas operations on federal minerals.

Information for Water Use in the South Platte Watershed

Other important documentation

Self-Certification Statement and Surface Owner Identification  - This link will take you to a form that must be filled out certifying that the operator has contacted the surface landowner, in split-estate situations.

Sundry Notices and Reports on Wells  - This link will take you to a form that is designed for submitting proposals to perform certain well operations and reports of such operations when completed on federal minerals.

Well Completion or Recompletion Report and Log - This link will take you to a form that must be completed and submitted for a correct well completion/recompletion report and log on all types of wells on federal minerals.

Fee-Fee Federal well landowner authorization form - You can use this form to verify the operator has authorization from a surface owner to drill a federal well on the private surface off lease and authorizes access for the BLM to inspect the well located on this private surface. This authorization is not required if surface location is on lease.

Well Information System (WIS) – Electronic Reporting

CFR  Code of Federal Regulations:  Part 3100 – Oil and Gas Leasing

Split Estate:   In split estate situations, the surface rights and subsurface rights (such as the rights to develop minerals) for a piece of land are owned by different parties.