Information for O&G Operations

Information for Oil and Gas Operations on Federal Minerals

This website has been set up to help oil and gas operators find the information necessary to develop a BLM-lease for oil and gas resources. Follow the links on the right to find the necessary forms and information for a Notice of Staking, Application Permit to Drill, Communitization Agreement and other reference information.

BLM Royal Gorge Field Office Fluid Minerals (Oil and Gas) Staff

If you can not find the details you need through this website, please contact a member of the BLM staff:

Jim Annable, Petroleum Engineer
719-269-8566 or


Aaron Richter Natural Resource Specialist (surface)
719-269-8512 or

Paul Morgan, Petroleum Engineer Technician (Inspections)
719-269-8533 or

Joan Larson, Land Law Examiner
719-269-8540 or

Monica Weimer, Archaeologist
719-269-8557 or

Justin Hallock, Production Accounting Technician
719-269-8536 or


Vicky Frantz, Accounting Technician
719-269-8559 or


Jay Raiford, Assistant Field Manager
Non-Renewable Resources
719-269-8522 or

Melissa Smeins, Geologist
719-269-8523 or

Sharon Sales, Natural Resource Specialist
719-269-8555 or

 Tracy Walters, Legal Instruments Examiner
719-269-8507 or

U.S. Forest Service / National Grasslands Staff

Please contact the following individual if surface location of the proposed well is located on U.S. Forest Service/National Grasslands.

Arapahoe & Roosevelt National Forests, Pawnee National Grasslands
Vern Koehler, Lands and Minerals
970-346-5005 or

Region 2, Pike & San Isabel National Forests, Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands
Dick Bennin, Minerals and Lands Specialist
719-940-0004 or