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Combating Weeds in Northwest Colorado

The Little Snake Field Office Bureau of Land Management Weed Management program is Click here to view a larger photo of Hound's Tongue Flowerimplemented primarily through cooperative agreements and private pesticide applicators. Public land parcels with noxious weed infestations are treated through local county weed programs (Moffat and Routt) allowing integrated treatment across ownership boundaries. Additionally, private contractors treat weed infestations associated with oil and gas development infrastructures through agreements with permitted operators to comply with exploration and production activity requirements.

This office prioritizes projects and project areas from year to year to focus weed control efforts. Some of these projects have included:

  • Hound’s tongue treatments to improve sage grouse habitat
  • Salt Cedar control to improve riparian areas
  • Cooperation with the Northwest Colorado Weed Partnership to control poisonous halogeton across the landscape.

Weed control in the LSFO area includes chemical, biological and mechanical methods.  This means that herbicides may be applied to aggressive infestations, insects may be released into remote weed populations, or livestock may be used to strategically graze a pasture with noxious weeds.

Click here to view a larger photo of a Tamarisk TreeAn integrated approach of all methods is important to successful management of weeds on public lands. Additionally, prevention is always the most effective method and early detection and response are important to protecting our public lands.

  • BLM Pesticide Application Timeline and Deadlines

    Timeline & Deadlines for BLM Pesticide Application


  • Weed Control Forms

Blank Forms
Fillable Forms
to be Used Online

Fillable Form Instructions

Pesticide Use Proposal
(form used to apply for approval of application of pesticides on BLM land)

Blank Form

Fillable Form

Pesticide Use ProposalMultiple Chemicals

Blank Form

Fillable Form

Pesticide Applicator Daily Record
(annual summary report form of chemicals applied on LSFO BLM lands)

Blank Form

Fillable Form

Sundry Notices and Reports on Wells
(optional form used to report weed treatment on well site)

Blank Form is Unavailable at this Time

Fillable Form

Weed Inventory Report
(use this form to report a weed infestation - can be used by applicators, public or organizations and submitted to the Little Snake Office)

Blank Form

Fillable Form

Click here to view a larger photo of Hound's Tongue Seeds

  • Local Contacts

If you have questions regarding weeds or would like to report an infestation please contact local resources:

  • BLM Little Snake Field Office
    Weed Program Coordinator
    (970) 826-5000
  • Moffat County Pest Management
    (970) 824-9180

Click here to view a larger photo of Tamarisk being Treated

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