BLM 1:100,000 Series Maps

In order to purchase our 1:100,000 series maps for $4.00 each you may:


  • Telephone the Little Snake Field Office at (970)826-5000 with your credit card number


Link to the Little Snake Base Map Key


Link to the Game Management Unit Map Key

Little Snake Base Map Key


Game Management Unit Key

Game Management Unit (GMU)BLM Maps Needed
1Dutch John UT & Canyon of  Lodore
2Canyon of Lodore &  Rangely
3Canyon of Lodore, Craig &  Meeker
5Craig & Walden
10Dutch John UT, Vernal UT & Rangely
11Canyon of Lodore, Rangely & Meeker
13Craig, Meeker & Steamboat Springs
14Walden & Steamboat Springs
15Steamboat Springs & Vail
26Meeker, Steamboat Springs, Glenwood Springs & Vail
27Steamboat Springs
131Walden, Meeker & Steamboat Springs
201Dutch John UT & Canyon of Lodore
211Canyon of Lodore, Rangely & Meeker
214Craig, Walden, Meeker & Steamboat Springs
231Meeker, Steamboat Springs & Glenwood Springs
301Craig & Meeker
441Craig & Meeker

If you have previously purchased the maps, please ensure you have the most current version:

Canyon of Lodore2012
Dutch John, UT2011
Steamboat Springs2012

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