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North Sand Hills SRMA

North Sand Hills Rules and Guidelines


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Map of North Sand Hills

The North Sand Hills SRMA is the only OHV sand recreation area in the State of Colorado! It is a non-fee, primitive OHV recreation and camping area with 300 acres of dunes, and 1400 acres total within the SRMA. The camping areas are dispersed primitive sites (North Sand Hills Campground). The trail system in the SRMA begins in the sand, winds through the aspen and sagebrush and leads both to the dunes and up into the Colorado State Forest and the US Forest Service lands to the east. The North Sand Hills SRMA is a great family location for spring, fall and summertime fun! A donation tube is located on-site to help us keep this special area open to free use!


SEASON:   Year-round  (snow may limit access in winter)

CAMPING LIMIT:  14 days (Click here for more information on the North Sand Hills Campground)


  • Three restroom buildings, four toilets total.
  • No trash pick-up; pack it in, pack it out.

DRINKING WATER:   None. Plan to pack in 1 gallon per person, per day.

FIREWOOD: Bring your own firewood, limited dead and down trees are available on site for firewood.


The North Sand Hills is located approximately 10.5 miles north east of Walden, Colorado. From Walden, take Highway 125 north just past the town of Cowdrey. Take a right (east) on County Road 6  to BLM road #2509 (right). Follow the bladed road into the SRMA.

Restroom Facilities
Area Camping

 BLM and Colorado OHV Laws and Regulations:

  • Any off-highway vehicle operated or in the possession of a person at any staging area on public lands must have one of the following registrations or permits:
    1. Colorado OHV registration
    2. Colorado non-resident OHV permit
  • Carry proof of registration at all times.
  • Colorado has enacted a law requiring all ATVs and dirt bikes operated on public lands in Colorado to meet a sound limit of 99 dB(A) measured using the SAE J 1287 20" stationary sound test if manufactured before 1/1/98 and 96 dB(A) if manufactured after 1/1/98. Please get your OHV checked to be in compliance. For more information click here: Stay the Trail
  • All OHVs on public lands must have a spark-arresting device.
  • All OHVs must have working brakes.
  • All OHVs operating during night hours (from a half-hour after sunset to a half-hour before sunrise), must have lighted headlights and tail-lights.

o    Headlights shall be of sufficient power to illuminate at 300 feet at night under normal, clear atmospheric conditions.

o    Tail-lights shall be red and capable of being seen at a distance of 500 feet from the rear at night under normal, clear atmospheric conditions.


·         Any off-highway vehicle accident resulting in property damage of $1,500 or more or injuries resulting in hospitalization or death must be reported immediately to law enforcement.

For a more detailed list of federal and state regulations and a list of frequently asked questions, consult the links below:

OHV Program - Colorado State Parks   
Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition (COHVCO)


 Recommendations for Riding in the North Sand Hills (NSH):

  • Be bear aware! Bears have been seen and heard in the North Sand Hills by campers. Keep your camp clean, store food safely and pack out your trash!
  • Please do not use glass containers when riding on the dunes!
  • Protect your shade - do not leave fires unattended and extinguish all fire when not attended with water or sand.
  • Bring firewood to the NSH, and if you do need additional firewood, use only dead and down trees! Green trees do not burn, and using them destroys your beautiful surroundings.
  • Whip flags and helmets are recommended in the NSH for safety.
  • Drive slowly in the camping, parking, and access areas (15mph).
  • Be courteous to other users and watch for young riders!

 Additional Information on the North Sand Hills:

A plan is currently being developed for the future management of the North Sand Hills. This is a collaborative effort by many entities that meet once a month to discuss issues and potential solutions. The participants include:

Bureau of Land Management
Colorado State Parks/ State Forest
Jackson County
US Forest Service
Colorado Division of Wildlife

Colorado State Land Board
Local and Wyoming users
The Nature Conservancy


If you have any comments or questions for the North Sand Hills Working Group,
please send an email to: