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Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation

Some of the routes within the Kremmling Field Office offer off-highway vehicle recreational opportunities. These opportunities range from single track, ATV trails, technical 4WD routes, and even open sand dunes! The elevation starts at just above 6,700 feet and extends up to above 10,000 feet. You may find yourself riding in the sagebrush watching the antelope roam, or climbing a steep mountain trail to find a moose in your path, or maybe you will hear the wide open dunes call your name. Please limit you use of routes when wet to prevent damage to roads and trails.

Respect other users: A variety of recreation opportunities occur on public lands. The area is open to hunting late August through mid December.

OHV designations on BLM-administered public lands are made through the land use planning process. The three types of OHV designations are: Open, Limited and Closed. Be sure to check to determine which areas are available for OHV use.

Open - off-road use is allowed, as long as it does not result in significant, undue damage to or disturbance of soil, wildlife, wildlife habitat, improvements, cultural, or vegetative resources, or other authorized uses of the public lands.

Limited - vehicle use is restricted as defined in the appropriate land use plan. Limitations could include such designations as "limited to existing roads and trails," "limited to designated roads and trails," or seasonal limitations such as "no vehicle use during elk calving season."

Closed - motorized vehicle use is not allowed.


  • All OHVs being operated on public lands must meet state requirements.
  • Travel only where motorized vehicles are permitted.
  • Avoid wet and muddy roads and trails.
  • Do not spook or harass wildlife or animals grazing on public lands.
  • Leave gates the way you found them (look for signs showing closure dates).

OHV REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS:   All OHVs on public lands must be registered. Colorado residents must register their OHV with the state. Out-of-state OHV registrations are no longer valid in Colorado.  Out of state residents must have a Non-Resident OHV Permit or Colorado OHV Registration with them while riding their OHVs on public lands in Colorado.  OHV registrations can be purchased through the Colorado State Parks Office (Denver) 303-791-1920. Learn more here.

Wolford Mountain Travel Restrictions

Dice Hill Travel Restrictions

  • Dice Hill Road #2750- Road Closure 4/15 to 6/1
  • Spruce Creek Road- Road Closure 10/1 to 6/1

Kinney Creek Travel Restrictions

  • Kinney Creek Road #2755- Road Closure 4/15 to 6/1
  • McQueary Creek Road #2756- Road Closure Labor Day to 6/1

Strawberry Travel Restrictions

  • Strawberry Creek Road #2751- Road Closure 4/15 to 6/1 (just north of the Fraser River Access Trail Head)
  • Hurd Peak Road #2765- Road Closure 4/15 to 6/1


Wolford Mountain Trail

Cow Gulch Trail

Sandtrap Loop

Mulberry Trail

Old Highway Trail

Cow Path Trail

The Dam Trail

Big Wolford Loop

Little Wolford Loop

Sidewinder Extreme 4x4 Jeep Trail


Wolford Mountain

North Sand Hills


Wolford Mountain Map/Brochure

North Sand Hills SRMA and ISA

Dice Hill Map


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