Kremmling Area Bike Trails


Remember to Use IMBA Rules of the Trail 
(International Mountain Biking Association) 
    -Ride on Open Trails Only  
    -Leave No Trace 
    -Control Your Bicycle  
    -Always Yield the Trail 
    -Never Spook Animals  
    -Plan Ahead

Kremmling Area Mountain Biking Trails Map 

sponsored by 

  • Kremmling Area Chamber of Commerce 
  • Forest Service 
  • Bureau of Land Management. 
Route NameMilesDifficulty RatingArea LocatedConditions
Water Tank Hill Easiest Kremmling Out and back on paved, gravel and native-surface roads 
Kremmling Cliffs Easiest Kremmling Out and back on unsurfaced county roads 
Fox Loop Easiest Grouse Mountain Native-surface roads 
Grouse Mountain Easiest/More Difficult Grouse Mountain Graveled roads 
Little Wolford More Difficult Kremmling County and unsurfaced primitive roads 
Horse Gulch 13 More Difficult Kremmling Mostly on primitive roads 
Wolford Res. Overlook 16 More Difficult Kremmling Out and back (8 one-way) on county and unsurfaced primitive roads 



Due to current and future changes to Travel Management Plans, some of the mountain biking routes on this map may be closed.  Please stay on routes that are signed OPEN, if there is no sign assume the route is CLOSED.

For more information or to purchase a copy of the map:

 Stop by the Kremmling Chamber of Commerce (located in the Town Square) or the Kremmling BLM Office.