Snowmobile registration fees provide funding for almost 3,000 miles of maintained winter trails that are open to all winter recreationists.

In-state registration:

Colorado residents pay $30.25 per year for in-state snowmobile registration, which is valid October 1 through September 30. To register a snowmobile in your name for the first time, please complete the registration form with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Purchasing a new snowmobile from a dealer:

Dealers are required by law to complete registration applications for you and collect the registration fee before you leave their premises.

Purchasing a snowmobile from a private party:

You have 30 days to purchase Colorado In-State Registration. Use the dated bill of sale as a temporary registration for up to 30 days (the dated bill of sale must be carried on the machine at all times) or until you get the regsitration card and stickers in the mail.  

Out-of-state snowmobile permits:

Out-of-state residents must purchase a non-resident permit, which is valid from the date of purchase to the following September 30th. Since this is a permit, no renewal notice will be sent; you must purchase a new permit each year you plan on visiting Colorado.

Where registration/permit should be located on your snowmobile:

Your registration or permit should be affixed permanently on each side of the upper half of the cowling where the decals can be easily seen. 

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