Horseback Riding
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Visitors can enjoy unrestricted horseback riding on all of the Kremmling Field Office's 377,860 acres except within a 200 acre Area of Critical Environmental Concern (Cretaceous Ammonite Site) located in the northern part of the Wolford Mountain Area.  Please stop by the Kremmling Field Office or call (970) 724-3008 for more information on the Cretaceous Ammonite Site.  

The Kremmling Field Office does not have any designated 'horseback only' riding trails, but many areas have trails that are now used by horses.  Please contact the Kremmling Field Office for more information on these areas.

Certified Noxious Weed-Free Hay Requirements for all Federal Lands

Any hay, straw, mulch or forage products are required to be certified as free of noxious weeds and seed by a certified State or Conty Agriculture Officer.

Weed Free Hay Certification

Click here for a current list of Weed Free Hay producers.  Please contact the Colorado Department of Agriculture at (303) 239-4149 for more information.