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Campground Host

Campground Host

  • Host Duties: Hosts will serve as representative of the BLM. They will greet and provide information to visitors and help with campground management (register floaters and campers, provide information), light maintenance and upkeep.
  • Special Qualifications: Ninety-five percent of this job will involve meeting and conversing with visitors. Hosts must, therefore, be able to deal with the public in a friendly and courteous manner. Have a neat and clean appearance. Must have own self-contained camping unit. Be prepared to live in isolated area with gravel road access. Must possess a valid Drivers license.
  • Dates Needed: Volunteers are needed from Late May - Sept, this job will normally require 20-40 hours per week and requires work on weekends and holidays.
  • Work Environment: Hosts will be working outside at high altitudes (7500 ft. elevation) and be exposed to a variety of weather conditions (temperatures 50 - 85 degrees)

For more information contact Outdoor Recreation Planner with your Name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and include any information about previous experience.  Or send by Mail to:

Shane Dittlinger

BLM - Kremmling  Field Office
P.O. Box 68
Kremmling, CO 80459


Pumphouse Campground is located approximately 13 miles southwest of Kremmling (located in northwest Colorado between Silverthorne and Steamboat Springd). Pumphouse is a float boat put-in point for private rafting, kayaking, and guided fishing trips on the upper segment of the Colorado River.  Pumphouse has three large raft/kayak launch sites, 18 individual campsites, 2 group campsites, potable water, electricity, 12 vault toilets, RV hook-ups for hosts, and hiking trail heads.  The BLM can possible provide a booster for a cell phone to get service (the booster works with some cell phones and not others).  The sites is the most popular recreation site in the Upper Colorado River Special Recreation Management Area (70+ miles between Kremmling and Glenwood Canyon) and sees between 40,000 and 80,000 visitors between April and November.  The majority of use is commercial float trips that arrive early in the day for full and half day float trips down the river. Pumphouse is located along the Colorado River Headwaters Scenic Byway.

Radium Recreation Site/Campground is located approximately 6 miles downriver of Pumphouse Recreation Site (16 miles from Kremmling and 25 miles from Edwards or Eagle).  Radium has two raft/kayak launch/take-out sites, 9 individual campsites, 2 group campsites, electricity, 7 vault toilets, changing rooms, RV hook-ups for hosts (no water), and a pay phone.  A majority of the commercial raft trips take-out at this location and can see around 40,000 visitors betwen April and November.  There is no water at this site.

State Bridge Boat Launch was bought by Eagle County Open Space in 2012 from a private owner.  BLM manages the site for Eagle County mainly for river access.  There is no campground at this site and one of the main duties for the host is to make sure people aren't camping here.  There are two boat launch/take-outs, 2 vault toilets, non-potable water, electricty, and RV hook-ups for hosts (non-potatble water), free local call phone, and the ability for hosts to hook up and pay for their own land line.  The main duties for the host are to keep facilities clean (toilets and trach removal), water trees, boat ramp monitoring/moving people along (the ramp is small and people tend to linger longer than necessary), and giving visitors information about the river.  This is a unique site due to the fact that there is not a campground and there is a large music venue across the river (State Bridge Lodge).  The music usually occurs two or three weekends a month from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  They have a variety of music and it can be clearly heard where the host site is.  Music usually lasts until 1:30 or 2am on Friday and Saturday nights and on Holiday weekends, Sunday nights as well.  This site has become one of the busiest sites on the river with many commercial and private rafters/kayaks/stand up paddle boards and a lot of private tubers.  State Bridge is located on Highway 131 about 18-22 miles from Edwards and/or Eagle.  There is no cell service at this site.

For additional information about Campground Host volunteer opportunities send  e-mail to