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2015 Summer Internship

Summer Internship Available!


Summer Intern Benefits:


·         College credit may be obtained, depending on intern’s host school.  This is arranged by the intern and the intern’s host school

·         BLM housing available




June 6th -August 14th




Upper Colorado River Special Recreation Management Area 


Job Background & Description:


The intern will work on the Upper Colorado River Special Recreation Management Area (primarily Pumphouse to State Bridge, Class II-III) near Kremmling, Colorado.  Kremmling is located within an hour of Summit County, Steamboat Springs, and Winter Park.  The UCR SRMA is located in Grand and Eagle Counties in North Central Colorado. The SRMA is managed for river-related recreation opportunities, primarily rafting and fishing.  An estimated 80,000 people visit the area each year.  There are currently 55 commercial outfitters permitted to offer services to visitors (e.g. guided rafting, guided fishing, shuttle services).  Historically 60 – 70% of the use has been commercial; however, trends suggest an increase in private use.  Overall use (i.e. private and commercial use combined) has remained somewhat stable over the past ten years.

Due to the increase in private use, camping has increased along the river.  Excess fire rings, trash, human waste, etc. have become an issue that many visitors have commented on.  The intern would primarily be educating river users on Leave No Trace, river etiquette, explanations on groovers (portable toilets) and fire pans.  This education would be done both at the launch site and contacting visitors along the river via a raft.  The intern would also assist the two river rangers it their daily duties (counting/contacting commercial raft trips, cleaning restrooms, helping with volunteer groups, etc.).  The intern would also assist in developing education materials such as web pages, school field trips materials, etc.



Intern must be very confident in approaching and talking with people about subject matter.  It would be helpful to have experience rafting or kayaking on multi-day trips and Leave No Trace training.


·         Must be 18 years old as of June 6th, 2015

·         US citizen

·         High school diploma or GED


Contact Hannah Schechter, or (970) 724-3008