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Public Observation Opportunities

When can I visit?

Gather operations are scheduled to begin on Sept. 3, 2013.  Every consideration is made to ensure gather sites are selected to allow for visitor observation. However; observation points may not be feasable for ALL gather sites.  Because bait trapping is a static means for gather, horses must be left in their natural state to enter bait corrals when they are ready.  Anyone wishing to observe bait trapping operations are expected to remain at least 200 meters from trap sites.  Please pay close attention to horse behavior and recognize you may be ordered to observe horses from distances further than 200 meters.   

Members of the public can visit trap sites up till five days before a site becomes active.  Human scent and disturbance within a five day window from the time of operations will cause horses to avoid the trap. 

Please keep in mind that gather activities can change. This webpage and the recorded hotline will be updated daily.  For the latest information call the local gather hotline at 970-244-3097 for a recorded message, or for general information on the Wild Horse and Burro program call 866-468-7826.

What are the procedures?

The BLM is committed to providing as much public access as possible, however, the success of the bait trap is dependant upon the horses  being undisturbed.  Please avoid trap sites.  The Little Book Cliffs area is rugged, remote and abundant with dangerous wildlife.  Public safety is our first priority. The BLM staff will be available each day to escort the public into observation areas.  General details about the gather are provided in the fact sheet .

If you would like to attend gather operations, please call the information line listed above for meeting time and place.  

Know Before you Go

Public Affairs will be located at various locations during the gather on V.20 road; the entrance to Low Gap or in North Soda Springs.  The range is not closed to the public, but visitors are encouraged to speak with Public Affairs before venturing into the Wild Horse Range so they can have the most reliable and up-to-date information.  A high-clearance, four-wheel drive vehicle will be necessary to reach most areas.

Some public viewing areas may require a short hike to access. Please be prepared to be outside in the elements for an extended period. There are limited restroom facilities in the area.

Our goal is to provide public access every day we are gathering. Public viewing areas will be established when feasable when safe and not likely to affect operations. Some public viewing areas will be closer than others, and some public viewing areas will offer a better view than others. Some of the gather sites are in very rugged, remote areas. We recommend you bring binoculars and telephoto lens.

The length of time gather operations are taking place each day will vary. Some horses will be trapped during day light hours, but many will be trapped at times throughout the night. 

We will make every effort to update this website and the hotline every evening during gather operations with as much information about the gather site and viewing opportunities as possible.



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Public Viewing at the Mesa County Sheriff's Posse

Horses trapped on the Little Book Cliffs will be gathered or released immediately with one exception.  It is important to note that six horses are outside the Wild Horse Range.  Three of those are candidates for gather.  The three that are not candidates for gather will be transported back to the Wild Horse Range and released.  All other trapped horses will be gathered or released immediately.  Gathered horses will be taken directly to the Mesa County Sheriff's Posse in Grand Junction to await adoption. 

Members of the public are welcome to visit gathered horses in holding at the Posse.  Careful attention should be made to avoid disturbing the gathered horses.  BLM Volunteers will be on hand to ensure gathered horses are taken care of properly. 

An adoption is scheduled for when the BLM has been successful in gathering horses.  Members of the public will have an opportunity to purchase one of these living icons of the west.