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BLM Wild Horse & Burro Program LogoLittle Book Cliffs 2013 Wild Horse Gather

Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range 2013 Gather scheduled to begin Sept. 3.

Goal of Gathers: 

To manage healthy herds on healthy rangelands.

The BLM is proposing to gather 15-25 wild horses. Six are currently outside the Wild Horse Range.

Details of the Gathers:

BLM plans to humanely gather 15-25 wild horses.  Details of the gather are available on this website by following the links in the right column.  BLM invites the public to observe this gather and details are also available regarding safety procedures and logistics. 

The gather method for this particular gather is bait trapping.  Bait trapping is done through the use of introducing bait to horses over a period of time.  Slowly corral panels are added over a period of days to habituate the horses to the panels.  Then the panels are made into a corral and a door is shut when the horses enter.

Below is the concept

   North Soda Trap Site Construction to Operational Sept. 6 - 8

Below is an operational trap.  This image was taken Aug. 30 at Trap #1.

Animals removed from the range will be available for adoption at the Mesa County Sheriff's Posse.  An adoption event will take place on Sept. 28. These spectacular horses have desirable traits, and we expect them to be in high demand. To adopt a Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse, contact the BLM at 866-468-7826.

Latest News:

For BLM news releases and statements issued about Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range 2013 Gather, check our Newsroom.


The Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range has approximately 154 wild horses currently living on or near the range.


For more information on the Wild Horse and Burro Program, call 866-468-7826 or email

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      Cumulative Totals Sept. 3, 2013 - Sept 25, 2013

Animals GatheredAnimals Gathered & ReleasedAnimals ShippedAnimals Gathered Up for Adoption Animal Deaths







   Note: One horse was shipped but returned to the range for genetic purposes.