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Fact Sheets

FACT SHEETS and other resource tables are not stand alone documents.  These documents are designed to give a brief overview of items of interest and how to reference information.  Review the RMP Documents for complete information. 


Approved RMP/ROD Fact Sheet:

Implementation Decision Appeals


Proposed RMP Fact Sheets:
Fact Sheet - RMP Overview

Changes from Draft

Fact Sheet - Protests and Appeals

Protest Filing Instructions and Critical Item Checklist

Fact Sheet - ACEC, WSA, WSR 

Fact Sheet - Air Quality

Fact Sheet - Fish & Wildlife 

Fact Sheet - Land Tenure

Fact Sheet - Livestock Grazing 

Fact Sheet - Oil & Gas 
Fact Sheet - Shale Ridges and Canyon Master Leasing Plan

Fact Sheet - Realty

Fact Sheet - Recreation 

Fact Sheet - Target Shooting 

Fact Sheet - Travel Management (RMP Planning Decision/Protestable)

Fact Sheet - TM Route Designations

Fact Sheet - Wild Horses 

Fact Sheet - Lands with Wilderness Characteristics



Proposed RMP Summary Tables

Recreation Management Area Summary Table

Recreation Management Area Summary Table by Activity



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Last updated: 09-03-2015