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Route Designation Criteria

For each route, the following was analyzed and recorded in the route designation process by alternative, working with the GJFO interdisciplinary team.


Route Overview and Access

Right-of-Way (ROW)

Legally recognized by another agency

Access to non-federal lands

Continuity between other county, state, or federal routes or lands


Resource Uses


Livestock Grazing (Range)

Recreation and Visitor Services

·         Loop trail

·         Recognized in local maps and guides

·         Resolves user conflicts

·         Contributes to the route network

·         Previously designated

·         Access to recreation facilities

Lands and Realty

Energy and Mineral Development

Natural, Biological, and Cultural Resources

Cultural Resources




Vegetation (including Special Status Species)



Fish and Wildlife (including Special Status Species and habitat)


Route Designations

The following designations were utilized in the route designation process:

·         Open to all modes of travel;

·         ATV (less than 50 inches in width), motorcycle, mechanized, and non-motorized use only;

·         Motorcycle, mechanized, non-motorized travel only;

·         Mechanized, horse, and foot travel only;

·         Mechanized and foot travel only;

·         Mechanized travel only;

·         Foot and horse travel only;

·         Foot travel only;

·         Closed (motorized and mechanized use not allowed); and

·         Administrative/permitted use only.


Table 1 of Appendix M, Route Designations in Miles by Alternative, summarizes the proposed route designations for motorized, mechanized, horse, and foot travel by alternative. Detailed travel management zone maps that display each route’s proposed designation by alternative are provided.