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Resource Mangement Plan Documents


Approved Resource Management Plan and Record of Decision
August 2015

RMP Process

RMP Project Information

RMP Documents

RMP Background

Travel Management

Public Involvement

Review Help

Fact Sheets including the Implementation Decision Appeals Fact Sheet 

30 Day Implementation Decision (e.g. route designations) Appeal Period: August 24, 2015 - 
Septermber 23, 2015

Federal Register Notice of Availability (August 24, 2015)

Protest Resolution Report

 Front Cover
 ROD Dear Reader Letter
 Record of Decision
 Approved Resource Management Plan
     Appendix A_Figures\Maps_ARMP electronic
     Appendix B_Stipulations_ARMP electronic
     Appendix C Wild and Scenic Rivers Suitability Report ARMP electronic
     Appendix D_Areas of Critical Environmental Concern_ARMP electronic
     Appendix E_Standards-and-Guidelines_ARMP
     Appendix F_Lands Managed for Wilderness Characteristics_ARMP electronic
     Appendix G_Final Comprehensive Air Resources Protection Protocol_ARMP electronic
     Appendix H_Best Management Practices_ARMP electronic
     Appendix I_Cultural_Resource Allocation to Use Cagegories ARMP electronic
     Appendix J_Grazing_Allotments and Management ARMP electronic
     Appendix K Recreation & Visitor Services ARMP electronic
     Appendix L_Special Recreation Permits_ARMP electronic
     Appendix M Travel Management Plan ARMP electronic
         Travel Management Route Map (See Travel Management page for all maps and KMZ files that can be viewed in Google Earth)
     Appendix N_Coal_Screening Criteria ARMP electronic
     Appendix O_Air_Emissions Inventory ARMP electronic
     Appendix P_Biologic_Assessment ARMP electronic
     Appendix Q_Biologic_Opinion_ARMP electronic


PROPOSED RMP and FINAL EIS - Released April 10, 2015 for 30 Day Protest Period

Fact Sheets including the Protest/Appeal Fact sheet. Additional information about submitting protests along with a Critical Item Checklist can be found on the Filing Instructions website, click here.

Proposed RMP Documents (PDF)

Errata Sheet for most recent revisions
GJFO Proposed RMP/FEIS Vol. 1 Chapters 1-3 (11 MB)
Dear Reader Letter (1.3 MB)
Abstract (0.4 MB)
Executive Summary (2.1 MB)
Chapter 1 Introduction (1.1 MB)
Chapter 2 Alternatives (4.3 MB)
Chapter 3 Affected Environment Part I (1.6 MB)
GJFO Proposed RMP/FEIS Vol. 2 Chapters 3-5 (6.5 MB)
Chapter 3 Affected Environment Part II (1.3 MB)
Chapter 4 Environmental Consequences (4.3 MB)
Chapter 5 Consultation and Coordination (0.2 MB)
GJFO Proposed RMP/FEIS Vol. 3 Chapter 6, References, Glossary, Index, Appendix B, Appendix H (5.3 MB)

Chapter 6 Response to Public Comment (2.4 MB)
RMP Comments Only. Route comments can be found in the Route Designation Reports and Route Designation Public Comment Reports pages.

References (0.2 MB)
Glossary (0.2 MB)
Index (0.2)
Appendix B Stipulations (1.0 MB)
Appendix H Best Management Practices (0.6 MB)
GJFO Proposed RMP/FEIS Vol. 4 Appendices A, C, D, E, F, G, I, J, K, L, M, N, and O (37.1 MB)
Appendix A Figures\Maps (85.5 MB) or Reduced Size (30 MB)
Appendix C Wild and Scenic River Report (2.8 MB)
Appendix D ACEC Report (0.3 MB)
Appendix E Grazing Standards and Guidlines (0.1 MB)
Appendix F Wilderness Characteristic Inventory (2.8 MB)
Appendix G Comprehensive Air Resource Protection Protocol (0.2 MB)
Appendix I Cultural Resource Allocation Categories (0.9 MB)
Appendix J Livestock Grazing Allotments (0.8 MB)
Appendix K Recreation and Visitor Service Management (0.4)
Appendix L Special Recreation Permit Program (0.1 MB)
Appendix M Travel Management Plan (27 MB)
Appendix N Coal Screening Criteria (0.1 MB)
Appendix O Air Emissions Inventory (0.9 MB)
Lands with Wilderness Characteristics Inventory (PDF 24.1 MB)
Google Earth KML (3.4 MB)
Wall Map of Inventoried Units (43.2 MB)


RMP Alternatives Data (zipped geodatabase)
GIS File Index

KMZ Files (view in Google Earth)

Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (KMZ)
Extensive Recreation Management Areas (KMZ)
Special Recreation Management Areas (KMZ)
Travel Management Area Designations (KMZ)
Wilderness Study Areas (KMZ)
Lands with Wilderness Characteristics (KMZ)
Wildlife Emphasis Areas (KMZ)
Visual Resource Management Class 1 (KMZ)




DRAFT RMP - released January 25, 2013 for 90 day comment period (extended to June 24)


Draft RMP Downloads (PDFs)
GJFO_Draft_RMP_EIS_Vol-I Ch 1-3 (11MB)
    Dear Reader Letter (0.1 MB)
    Executive Summary  (3.9MB)
    Chapter 1 Introduction  (0.7MB)
    Chapter 2 Alternatives (2.5MB)
    Chapter 3 Affected Environment (2.9 MB)
 GJFO_Draft_RMP_EIS_Vol-II (32.5 MB)
    Chapter 4 Environmental Consequences (4.3MB)
    Chapter 5 Consultation & Coordination (0.2MB)
    References (0.2MB)
    Glossary (0.2MB)
    Index (0.2MB)
    Appendix A - Figures (30.2 MB)  Individual & GIS Files
GJFO_Draft_RMP_EIS_Vol-III_Appendices B - Q (59MB)
     Appdx B_Stipulations (1MB)
     Appdx C_Suitability_Report (6.1MB)
     Appdx D_ACEC_Summary (0.4MB)

     Appdx E_Standards-and-Guidelines (0.1MB)

     Appdx F_wilderness characteristics (0.5MB)
     Appdx G_Draft GJFO Air Plan (0.3MB)
     Appdx-H_BMPs (0.7MB)
     Appdx I_CulturalAllocationCategories (1.6MB)
     Appdx J_GrazingAllotments (1.2MB)
     Appdx K_Recreation (0.5MB)
     Appdx L_SRPs (0.2MB)
     Appdx M_TravelMgmtPlan (27.3MB)
     Appdx N_Coal (0.1MB)
     Appdx O_Air Emissions Inventory (0.9MB)
     Appdx P_Master Leasing Plan Analysis (19MB)
 Master Table of Contents   (0.2MB)
   Travel Management Maps
   Errata sheet


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