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Travel Management Plan 
Archived Maps

Electronic copies of maps are listed below. 

Travel Management Zones

Travel Management Zone Map


Proposed Travel Management Plan Maps
(April 2015)

NOTES and updates as of 2:15 p.m. June 24, 2015:

Please find requested Mesa County Recreation Routes of Importance Map / KMZ / Route Report / Rationale

We heard from the public that the Route Reports were confusing and hard to read. To assist the public in their review, we addressed confusing text and added more explanation to our rationale. You can follow links to an improved version of the Route Report that we hope better explains the agency's rationale.

Mesa County is a Cooperating Agency for this Resource Management Plan. The Mesa County Commissioners requested we also include a map and route report of routes that were identified for closure to motorized use that Mesa County asserts a recreation vested interest.

A summary of routes provided by Mesa County to BLM

Date provided to BLMType of RoutesStatus


June 2010Mesa County Maintained245 miles submitted with 245 remaining open to motorized travel100
June 2010Mesa County Vested Interest Routes167 miles submitted with 162 remaining open to motorized travel


June 17, 2013Mesa County recreation routes of importance1484 miles submitted with 1091 remaining open to motorized travel


Electronic copies of maps are listed below.

Note about Technology Limitations

GoogleEarth display of .kmz files do not allow for the additional symbology to show routes that have a seasonal limitation. This information is visually represented in the .pdf version of the route maps and in the description bubble when a route is clicked in google earth.
PDF maps do not have all route numbers. Route numbers are often absent in the .pdf files because adding them in high density route areas renders the maps illegible.

Route Designation Help Page

2015 Proposed RMP
All Alternative Maps

PDF files (high resolution)

Zone A Alternatives (24.1 MB)

Zone B Alternatives (24.3 MB)
Zone C Alternatives (22.4 MB)
Zone D Alternatives (24.9 MB)
Zone E Alternatives (29.5 MB)
Zone F Alternatives (23.1 MB)
Zone G Alternatives (28.1 MB)
Zone H Alternatives (26.0 MB)

Zone I Alternatives (21.8 MB)

Zone J Alternatives(16.2 MB)
Zone K Alternatives (18.7 MB)
Zone L Alternatives (20.9 MB)
Zone M Alternatives (19.5 MB)
Zone N Alternatives (34.3 MB)
Zone O Alternatives (26.8 MB)
Zone P Alternatives (24.0 MB)
Zone Q Alternatives (29.5 MB)
Zone U Alternatives (24.1 MB)
Zone V Alternatives (27.2 MB)
Zone W Alternatives (20.6 MB)

Overall Zone Map (41.2 MB)


Archived PRMP GIS Data for Routes (geodatabase zipped file)
Archived PRMP GIS File Index

Archived PRMP Route Designation Reports

When open, click ctrl+F and search for your route number.





2013 Archived

 .pdf files (high resolution)

2013 Maps (included on DRMP disk)


 Zone A Alternatives (24.1 MB)

 Zone B Alternatives (24.3 MB)
 Zone C Alternatives (22.4 MB)
 Zone D Alternatives (24.9 MB)
 Zone E Alternatives (29.5 MB)
 Zone F Alternatives (23.1 MB)
 Zone G Alternatives (28.1 MB)
 Zone H Alternatives (26.0 MB)

 Zone I Alternatives (21.8 MB)

 Zone J Alternatives (16.2 MB)
 Zone K Alternatives (18.7 MB)
 Zone L Alternatives (20.9 MB)
 Zone M Alternatives (19.5 MB)
 Zone N Alternatives (34.3 MB)
 Zone O Alternatives (26.8 MB)
 Zone P Alternatives (24.0 MB)
 Zone Q Alternatives (29.5 MB)
 Zone U Alternatives (24.1 MB)
 Zone V Alternatives (27.2 MB)
 Zone W Alternatives (20.6 MB)
 Overall Zone Map (41.2 MB)

2015 ProposedTravel Management Maps

PDF files (high resolution)


Zone A Proposed Alternative (24.5 MB)

Zone B Proposed Alternative (25.8 MB)
Zone C Proposed Alternative (24.2 MB)
Zone D Proposed Alternative(24.9 MB)
Zone E Proposed Alternative(29.7 MB)
Zone F Proposed Alternative(23.1 MB)
Zone G Proposed Alternative (28.5 MB)
Zone H Proposed Alternative (26.9 MB)

Zone I Proposed Alternative (24.9 MB)

Zone J Proposed Alternative (22.9 MB)
Zone K Proposed Alternatives (21.4 MB)
Zone L Proposed Alternatives (26.2 MB)
Zone M Proposed Alternative (24.3 MB)
Zone N Proposed Alternative (33.8 MB)
Zone O Proposed Alternative (27.2 MB)
Zone P Proposed Alternative (25.3 MB)
Zone Q Prposed Alternative (29.8 MB)
Zone U Proposed Alternative (24.8 MB)
Zone V Proposed Alternative (27.3 MB)
Zone W Proposed Alternative (22.3 MB)

Overall Zone Map (41.2 MB)







 Draft Travel Management Plan
(January 2013)

2013 Archived

.pdf files (high resolution)

2013 Maps with travel management area designations in background


 Zone A Alternatives (24.5 MB)

 Zone B Alternatives (25.8 MB)
 Zone C Alternatives (24.2 MB)
 Zone D Alternatives (24.9 MB)
 Zone E Alternatives (29.7 MB)
 Zone F Alternatives (23.1 MB)
 Zone G Alternatives (28.5 MB)
 Zone H Alternatives (26.9 MB)

 Zone I Alternatives (24.9 MB)

 Zone J Alternatives (22.9 MB)
 Zone K Alternatives (21.4 MB)
 Zone L Alternatives (26.2 MB)
 Zone M Alternatives (24.3 MB)
 Zone N Alternatives (33.8 MB)
 Zone O Alternatives (27.2 MB)
 Zone P Alternatives (25.3 MB)
 Zone Q Alternatives (29.8 MB)
 Zone U Alternatives (24.8 MB)
 Zone V Alternatives (27.3 MB)
 Zone W Alternatives (22.3 MB)
 Overall Zone Map (41.2 MB)

2015 Proposed Travel Management KMZ (Google Earth) files

(Click on the files to open Google Earth.
Download Google Earth for free here.)

Closed County Recreation Vested Interest Routes

Zone A Alternatives
Zone B Alternatives
Zone C Alternatives
Zone D Alternatives
Zone E Alternatives
Zone F Alternatives
Zone G Alternatives
Zone H Alternatives

Zone I Alternatives

Zone J Alternatives
Zone K Alternatives
Zone L is not being designated at this time
Zone M Alternatives
Zone N Alternatives
Zone O Alternatives
Zone P Alternatives
Zone Q Alternatives
Zone U Alternatives
Zone V Alternatives
Zone W Alternatives
Travel Management Area Designations
BLM GJFO Boundary
Private Lands

Links to KMZ (Google Earth) files for other programs included in the RMP can be found on the RMP Documents page.





2013 Archived

.kmz files


 Zone A Alternatives 

 Zone B Alternatives 
 Zone C Alternatives 
 Zone D Alternatives 
 Zone E Alternatives 
 Zone F Alternatives  
 Zone G Alternatives 
 Zone H Alternatives 

 Zone I Alternatives 

 Zone J Alternatives 
 Zone K Alternatives 
 Zone L Alternatives 
 Zone M Alternatives 
 Zone N Alternatives 
 Zone O Alternatives
 Zone P Alternatives 
 Zone Q Alternatives 
 Zone U Alternatives 
 Zone V Alternatives 
 Zone W Alternatives 
 County Roads 
 Private Lands 

Archived 2013  Route Designation Comments and Issues PDF (26.7MB) 
When open, click ctrl+F and search for your route number.

Archived 2013 (21.1 MB) GIS data