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Wild & Scenic Rivers Eligibility Study

Grand Junction Field Office Documents

Notification of WSR Eligibility Report Letter (March 31, 2009)
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Wild & Scenic River Eligibility Report - 10.1 MB

Amendment to Wild & Scenic River Eligibility Report (September 15, 2011)                                     

Resource and Process Documents

Wild & Scenic Rivers Act
Wild & Scenic Rivers Process
Wild & Scenic Rivers Overview
Wild & Scenic Rivers FAQ 
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Stakeholder Group

The Colorado River District has convened a stakeholders group to provide additional information on the Wild and Scenic process and its implications, to answer questions, and to determine the group’s interest in exploring alternatives to federal designation that may provide greater management flexibility while protecting the "resource values" that qualify river segments for designation. For more information, go to the stakeholder group website at

Wild and Scenic River Info

The Wild and Scenic River (WSR) Eligibility Report is complete and available online. The report is the first step in a Wild and Scenic River evaluation being conducted as the GJFO revises its RMP. The eligibility report provides an inventory of the river and stream segments on BLM lands that are eligible for inclusion in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System (NWSRS). 

The second step is a suitability study that determines which, if any, of the eligible segments are suitable for inclusion in the NWSRS based on criteria set forth in the WSR Act. The suitability process began in Summer 2009 and involves an interdisciplinary study of each
eligible segment. The public may provide the BLM additional information pertaining to the suitability criteria in order for the BLM to come to an informed determination on the suitability of the eligible river and stream segments.
The suitability study will be included in the Draft RMP, which will analyze a range of suitability determinations and possible recommendations to Congress. River segments determined to be eligible are afforded interim protective management under BLM authorities until a suitability study is completed. The Draft RMP and suitability analysis is scheduled to be released in fall 2012.
For more information on the WSR Act, designation into the NWSRS, and many other management-related issues, visit