Grand Junction Field Office Travel Management Maps
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Route Inventory Maps
The pdf files are not designed to print on regular 8.5 x 11 inch paper.  Please pay attention to printer settings if you choose to print maps.
Overall map of Travel Management Zones
Average Route Density Map

PDF Files (current route inventory)

Zone A - 1.61 MB
Zone B - 1.76 MB
Zone C - 1.32 MB
Zone D - 1.83 MB
Zone E - 1.94 MB
Zone F - 1.95 MB
Zone G - 1.78 MB
Zone H - 1.70 MB
Zone I - 1.81 MB
Zone J - 1.32 MB
Zone K - 1.44 MB
Zone L - 2.22 MB
Zone M - 1.79 MB
Zone N - 2.18 MB
Zone O - 2.33 MB
Zone P - 1.98 MB
Zone Q - 2.53 MB
Zone R *
Zone S *
Zone T - 1.62 MB
Zone U - 2.19 MB
Zone V - 2.58 MB
Zone W - 1.84 MB

KML Files (current route inventory)

Zone A
Zone B
Zone C
Zone D
Zone E
Zone F
Zone G
Zone H
Zone I
Zone J
Zone K
Zone L
Zone M
Zone N
Zone O
Zone P
Zone Q
Zone R *
Zone S *
Zone T
Zone U
Zone V
Zone W

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atving50% motobiking50% riding-horses50%

*  Zones R and S have been removed from the Grand Junction Field Office planning process because those areas were designated as the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation and Wilderness Area on March 30, 2009.  A separate plan will be initiated for that area. 

Last updated: 01-14-2013