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Resource Management Planning

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RMP Process

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RMP Background

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Public Involvement

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The BLM Grand Junction Field Office has completed the revision of its Resource Management Plan (RMP) to guide management of about 1 million acres of public land it administers.

The Draft RMP was released in January of 2013. The Draft RMP was made available for a 90-day public comment period (extended to June 24). The BLM received 3,307 written submissions during the comment period, of which 986 were unique submissions, and 2,538 individual substantive comments were identified and considered. The Proposed RMP and Final EIS were released on April 10, 2015 for a 30 day protest period and a 60 day Governor's Consistency review. The BLM received 19 protests and all of the protests on the Proposed RMP were dismissed. The Appproved RMP and Record of Decsions were released on August 24, 2015. A full description of the public involvement in the RMP revision process is included on the Public Involvement page. The BLM deferred implementation level route designation decision on most of the routes in Zone L and on 209 miles of Mesa County's high interest recreation routes (see the Travel Management pages for more information).

The Approved RMP is based upon the Proposed RMP and Final EIS. In the Proposed RMP and Final EIS BLM created a proposed alternative (Alternative B) that was based upon the four alternatives that were anazlyzed in the draft plan and public comments. The proposed RMP and final EIS were released for a 30 day public protest period. Alternative B (the Proposed RMP) used the Alternative B (Preferred Alternative) from the Draft RMP/EIS as its foundation. It carried forward the same theme as the Preferred Alternative found in the Draft RMP/EIS, but also included elementsof the other four alternatives analyzed in the Draft RMP/EIS. Alternative B sought to allocate limited public land resources among competing human interests, land uses, and the conservation of natural and cultural resources. Goals and objectives focused on environmental, economic, and social outcomes achieved by strategically addressing demands across the landscape. Management direction under this alternative was broad to accommodate a variety of values and uses. This alternative sought to provide an overall balance between the protection, restoration, and enhancement of natural and cultural values, while allowing resource use and development in existing or reasonable locations.

RMP Planning Calendar

Released Draft RMP/Draft EIS  - January 2013

Release Proposed RMP/Final EIS- April 2015

Protest Period - April 10, 2015 - May 11, 2015

Governor's Consistency Review April 10, 2015 - June 8, 2015

Released Approved RMP and Record of Decision - August 24, 2015

Implementation Decision Appeal Period: August 24, 2015 - September 23, 2015

RMP News

RMP Newsletter April 10, 2015

The Proposed RMP/EIS was made available for public review on April 10, 2015.  The protest period closed May 11, 2015.  The Approved RMP and Record of Decision were released on August 24, 2015.

RMP Documents

Special Reports

The following reports are provided for information only. They were prepared as part of the RMP revision process for specific criteria that BLM was required to address. These reports were used to inform the alternatives. See the RMP Documents page for final versions of the appendices that were used in the development of the Approved RMP.

Lands With Wilderness Characteristics Inventory Update  PDF 24.1 MB;  Google Earth KML file 3.4 MB; Wall Map of Inventoried Units 43.2 MB

ACEC Report  - 3.7 MB
Final Recreation Planning Report: Volume 1  - 5.1 MB, Volume 2 - 14.6 MB 
Final Community Assessment Report  - 2.1 MB
Final Analysis of the Management Situation  - 10.3 MB
RMP Scoping Report  - 2.2 MB
Preparation Plan for RMP Revision  - 3.2 MB

Visual Resources Inventory 39.5 MB

Reasonably Foreseeable Development scenario 8.6 MB

Air Quality Technical Support Document 6.8 MB

RMP Links

Travel Management background Information
Wild & Scenic Rivers Eligibility Information
Resource Advisory Council (RAC) Subgroup Meetings

Archived Information

Federal Register Notice
Press Release 11/6/2008
RMP Newsletter - Volume 1 (11/2008)
Press Release 1/28/2009
RMP Planning Calendar (Feb - May 2009)
RMP Newsletter - Volume 2 (5/2009)

 RMP Newsletter - Volume 3 (9/23/2010)

RMP Newsletter - Volume 4 (1/14/2013)

Press Release (April 10, 2015)

RMP Newsletter - Volume 5 (4/15/12015

Current (Operating) Resource Management Plan

Current Resource Management Plan (January 1987)

Amendments to 1987 RMP

Scoping Maps & Information

  Map 1.1 - Cultural Resources - 8.6 MB
    Handout 1.1 - Heritage Resources
  Map 2.1 - Fire Management Units - 2.8 MB
  Map 3.1 - Minerals and Geology Projects - 2.6 MB
  Map 3.2 - Surficial Geology - 2.8 MB
  Map 4.1 - Hydrology - 2.7 MB
  Map 5.1 - Disposal Parcels - 2.6 MB
  Map 5.2 - Oil and Gas - Leases and Wells - 2.8 MB
  Map 5.3 - Right of Way Management (1987) - 2.6 MB
  Map 6.1 - Land Health Assessment - 3.2 MB
  Map 6.2 - Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range - 2.0 MB
  Map 6.3 - Range Management - 3.2 MB
  Map 6.4 - Rare and Threatened Plants - 2.6 MB
  Map 6.5 - Vegetation Types - 2.5 MB
  Map 6.6 - Riparian Areas Considererd for Special Management - 2.9 MB
  Map 6.6 - Noxious Weed Inventory - 2.6 MB
  Map 6.7 - Noxious Weed Treatment - 2.6 MB
  Map 7.1 - Current Recreation Management Areas - 2.6 MB
    Handout 7.1 - Recreation 
  Map 7.2 - Special Designation Areas - 2.5MB
    Handout 7.2 - Wilderness 
  Map 7.3 - Travel Management - 2.2 MB
    Handout 7.3 - Travel Management
  Map 7.4 - Visual Resource Management - 3.0 MB
  Map 7.5 - Wild and Scenic River System - 3.1 MB
    Handout 7.5 - Wild and Scenic Rivers
  Map 8.1 - Avian Species of Concern - 2.9 MB
  Map 8.2 - Mule Deer and Elk Severe and Critical Habitat - 3.1 MB