The Grand Junction Field Office has two designated campgrounds, Mud Springs Campground and North Fruita Desert Campground.  All campgrounds operate on a "first come - first serve" basis, and camping is limited to designated sites only.

Dispersed Camping is also allowed on undeveloped BLM lands. 

Glade ParkMud Springs Campground

Mud Springs Campground

Glade Park Homepage


Located amidst a small aspen grove, family and group sites available.  Fresh spring water available. 



North Fruita DesertNorth Fruita Desert Campground

North Fruita Desert Campground

North Fruita Desert Homepage 

Located outside Fruita, in the heart of the 18 Road mountain bike trail system.  No water available.



Dispersed Camping

It is the general policy of the BLM that undeveloped Federal lands under its administration are available to the public for camping and general recreation, with the following provisions:

  • Camping at any one site is limited to 14 days per visit (can vary from region to region).
  • Pack out what you pack in.
  • Avoid camping within 200 ft. of any water source.
  • Do not leave campfires unattended.

Whenever camping outside designated camp sites please practice minimum impact-style camping.  

Use only dead and down wood for campfires.  Bringing your own firewood is the best policy to practice.  Both dead and live trees add to the scenic qualities of campsites.