Mineral Material Sales Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a permit to collect rocks on GJFO public lands?

Anyone gathering minerals materials in excess of what would fit into a 5 gallon container, needs a permit to gather rock.  Small quantities of mineral material (that which would fit into a 5 gallon container), is considered recreational and can be gathered without a permit.

What types of minerals are available for purchase?

Adobe and Fill Material (clay)
Bentonite (popcorn like material, used for pond linings)

How much will a permit cost?

Adobe and fill material - $ .46 per cubic yard
Bentonite - $ .60 per cubic yard

What sort of tools or equipment am I allowed to use to remove the rock?

Any hand tool that would be deemed necessary for the removal of the mineral material, i.e., shovel, pick, pry bar, sledge hammer, wheel barrel, etc.  No heavy equipment may be used without prior permission from the GJFO geologist (970-244-3000).

How long is the permit good for?

90 days.  All permits expire November 30th.  If you purchase your permit on November 15th that permit will also expire on November 30th of that same year. 

When are minerals permits available for purchase?

Rock permits are typically issued in May 1st (weather dependant) through November 29th, with all permits expiring on November 30th

Where do I go to get the  permit?

You need to purchase your permit before collecting the mineral material.  Come to the GJFO office (2815 H Road, just off of Horizon Dr., across from the airport), Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 4:30pm.   At the time of purchase, you will receive detailed maps with directions to your specific rock gathering area (designated areas only).

Persons who remove mineral materials from public lands without a permit or contract are considered unauthorized users and in trespass and may be held liable for damages.