Little Park Road Bentonite Community Pit

Cost:  $0.68 per cubic yard

Bentonite is used for lining ponds.  Bentonite is recognizable by its popcorn-like texture in the soil.   Do not visit sites under wet conditions, it can be extremely slick.

   Like you're going to the east entrance of the monument, from Broadway turn left on to Monument Rd, before you cross over the bridge, turn left on to "D" Road.   Stay on "D" Road until you come to a fork in the road, go right, you are now on Little Park Rd.   Stay on Little Park Rd through the residential area.  After leaving the residential area, you will see signs reading "Enter Public Lands", keep your eye to the right side of the road and watch for the sign to the turn off into the bentonite site.   Map

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