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Mineral Material Sales

Do you need a permit?

Anyone gathering minerals materials in excess of what would be considered recreational rock gathering is not allowed.  Gathering large quantities of rock (more than what would fit into a 5-gallon container) is not allowed within the GJFO management boundaries.  Use the restricted area map to determine which areas are opened to, or restricted from, rock gathering. 

No heavy equipment may be used to remove decorative rock from BLM land.  Removal of decorative rock is limited to surface collecting by hand or using hand tools such as pry bars, picks and shovels.

Cross country travel is prohibited.  Vehicles are required to stay on existing roads.

What types of permits are available?

Community Pits a small area from which the BLM sells mineral materials.  The rock can be peeled up or excavated where the topsoil has already been removed.  Minimal surface disturbance is allowed for removal of the mineral material. 

Little Park Rd Bentonite Site ($ .78 cubic yard)

21 Road Adobe and Fill Material ($ .46 cubic yard)

16 Road Red Gravel Community Pit ($1.90 cubic yard)

Permits are typically issued from late April (weather dependent)  through November 30th, with all permits expiring on November 30th of each year.  Permits are not issued during winter months because of inaccessibility to the areas, and for wildlife habitat purposes. The information below pertains to the Grand Junction Field Office management area only.  To obtain mineral material outside the GJFO management area, contact the BLM field office that manages the area you are interested in.

How do I obtain a permit?
Mineral material permits are available at the Grand Junction Field Office during the permit open season (May 1st, weather permitting, through November 30th). You must come to the office to obtain the permit.  The permit must be purchased before you gather the mineral material.  For further information please click on FAQ link below or call the GJFO office at 970-244-3000.
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