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Special Recreation Permits


Special Recreation Permits 


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The Grand Junction Field Office and McInnis Canyons NCA, will be accepting new commerical permit applications for the 2017 operating season, we will not be accepting any new applications for Lion Hunting.  Applications must be submitted by August 31, 2016.  Until the Resource Management Plan is finalized for Dominguez-Escalante NCA we will not be able to issue any new permits for this area.  



BLM issues Special Recreation Permits (SRPs) to achieve recreation and other resource management objectives.  SRPs are issued for commercial, competitive, and certain organized group activities on BLM public lands to enhance the public’s opportunity for recreation experiences on BLM lands.  These permits include conditions of use (stipulations) that ensure that the permitted recreation use meets BLM’s goals of providing opportunities for recreation experiences, and ensure that the use is consistent with other resource management objectives, for example wildlife, range, endangered species, etc.  SRPs also ensure that the public receives a fair-value return for commercial activities that take place on BLM public lands by charging fees for permitted activities.  

BLM Grand Junction issues and administers SRPs in accordance to the Grand Junction Field Office and McInnis Canyons NCA SRP Policy (GJFO SRP Policy).  This policy is consistent with BLM’s National SRP policy and BLM’s Colorado State SRP policy.  Anyone interested in how to apply for an SRP or how SRPs are administered by BLM Grand Junction can find more information in the GJFO SRP Policy .

Organizations interested in group activities on BLM public lands (including school groups) may also have to obtain a river outfitter license from the State of Colorado. Information about state requirements is available at: or by contacting the State of Colorado directly. Other outfitter licences can be found at:

If additional information is needed, please contact  Alex Martin by phone at 970-244-3025.


Application Material
All potential applicants are required to read and sign the GJFO SRP policy .  Expectations of permit proposals are outlined in the GJFO policy under Application Requirements (page 5).  Before applying for a Special Recreation Permit, permitte must schedule a pre-application meeting with the BLM Permit Administrator.  Do not turn in an application without first having this meeting.

Post-use Reporting Areas (.kml)

        Permittee Forms -

 Commercial Permit Form(s)                      

     Commercial Pre-Season Form

     Commercial Post-Use Report  

  Event Permit Form

     Event Pre-Season Form

     Event Post-Use Report