Powderhorn Park Trail, T#3030

Length: 6.3 miles to Robbers Roost
Difficulty: Easy to moderate hiking
Season of use: Mid-June through October
Amount of Use: Light hiking and horse use, moderate during hunting season
Elevation Change:
    Beginning: 9,066 ft.
    Ending: 10,800 ft.

Location Map

Topo Map

How to Get There: From Gunnison go 9 miles west on Hwy. 50, take Hwy. 149 south for 17 miles to County Road 27. Turn left and go 19 miles south to the Powderhorn Park Trailhead.

Trailhead Parking/Camping: Parking for vehicles and horse trailers is available at the trailhead. No camping is permitted at the Powderhorn Park Trailhead. Camping is permitted all along the trail with the most popular sites being in the trees surrounding Powderhorn Park and near Robbers Roost.

Attractions: Panoramic views of the Cebolla Creek area are common as the trail wanders through forests and around hills on open side slopes. It is not uncommon to see elk herds in Powderhorn Park in the summer if you are quiet. The old cabin at Robbers Roost was a cow camp built in the 1920's. Fishing can be good in the East Fork of Powderhorn Creek. You can continue from Robber's Roost to connect with other Powderhorn trails.

Narrative: Park in the designated area on County Road 27, walk southwest across Mineral Creek, and cross the fence line through the gate. Please close all gates you go through along the trail. From this point to the next gate (about 1/4 Mile.), hikers are on private property. Please stay on the trail. The trail continues from the second gate, climbing steadily and .5 mile from the trailhead, it curves to the southwest around a hill on an open side slope. For another 2 miles, the trail meanders through forested and open areas. At 2 1/2 miles, the trail crosses another fence line and climbs up the Wood Gulch drainage to Powderhorn Park. Taking the right fork in the trail at this point takes the hiker north through the park to Robbers Roost where an old cabin can be found. Please do not camp or build fires within 50 ft. of this cabin.  The trail can sometimes be faint through Powderhorn Park so check your map periodically to make sure you know where you are.  A fork off the trail just as you climb up into Powderhorn Park will take you west on the North Calf Creek Trail toward Devil's Lake.

Hazards/Considerations: Be sure to take a map of the area and a compass to aid you in staying on the right path. It is important to be prepared for typical July and August afternoon thunder showers. It is best to get an early start and to avoid ridges and open areas in case of lightning strikes. Be sure to take sunscreen, rain gear, and drinking water. Remember, hiking at high altitudes requires more time and energy. Take your time, enjoy the scenery, and avoid over-exertion. Be sure someone knows where you are going and when you plan to return.

Additional Information: The Powderhorn Park Trail can be used in conjunction with the East Fork Trail, the Middle fork Trail and the Powderhorn Lakes Trail for a beautiful 3 or 4 day trip.

Powderhorn Park Trail Location Map


Created by the Bureau of Land Management, Colorado
Point of Contact:
Jim Lovelace

Last modified: January 6, 2011