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Hartman Rocks Trail

Length: Various from .2 mile to 30 miles
Difficulty: Easy to moderate routes on rolling hills
Season of use: April through November
Amount of Use: Moderate mountain bike & motorcycle use, light hiking use
Elevation Change:
    Beginning: 7,700 ft.
    Ending: 8,390 ft.

Brochure Map

How to Get There: From Gunnison take Hwy. 50 west. On the edge of town, before you cross the Gunnison River, turn left on the Gold Basin Road (Cty Rd. 38). Proceed around the west end of the airport runway for a total of 2.8 miles to the Hartman Rocks entrance which is marked by a sign.

Trailhead Parking/Camping: The "Base Area", managed by the City and County, has a large parking area, restroom, picnic shelter, information board and several trails. No camping is available in this area. While not common, it is possible to camp on the BLM land at the top of the rocks. Low impact camping is important - please help us keep this area clean.

Photo of Hartman Rocks Trail

Attractions: The Hartman Rocks Recreation Area offers a convenient place near Gunnison for a variety of short to medium hikes or bike rides on its network of both dirt roads and single track trails. It is one of the first areas to melt off in the spring so it may be accessible when other areas are still muddy or snowed in. It is also a good place for a warm up hike to help you acclimate to the altitude before you head up into the higher mountains. These routes wander through rolling hills of sagebrush interspersed with scenic granite rock formations and Cottonwood groves in some drainages. The area is dominated by an interesting geologic formation called a Ring Dike about 6 miles in diameter. On the western edge of this formation is the Aberdeen Quarry that was worked in the late 1800s to provide high quality granite for the State Capitol building in Denver.

Narrative: From the base area, you can park and walk or continue to drive up the hill and park at the top beyond the cattle guard. You can venture out onto a variety of trails from there. The single track trails are marked with numbered posts on each end. These are portrayed on the map that accompanies the Hartman Rocks brochure - available free in town. A Management Plan for the area will be finalized in 2006.  It will open some more trails than show on the current map.  It will also require all vehicles and mountain bikes to stay on designated routes that are signed as open.  We will be implementing this plan over the next several years so check in with our office if you have questions about what routes are open.

Hazards/Considerations: This area is used regularly by mountain bikers and motorcyclists so be aware of other users in the area to avoid problems. Be sure to take a map of the area to aid you in staying on the right path. It is important to be prepared for typical July and August afternoon thunder showers. Be sure to take sun screen, rain gear, and drinking water. Be sure someone knows where you are going and when you plan to return. If you come across closed gates on public land you may pass through but close them behind you to help ensure proper grazing management.

Additional Information: Water is scarce along these trails so carry plenty with you.

Hartman Rocks Trail Location Map


Created by the Bureau of Land Management, Colorado
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Last modified: Oct. 13, 2016