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Tomichi & Cochetopa Drainages

Fishing Areas

Tomichi Creek starts at the base of Monarch Pass and flows along or near US Highway 50 west to Gunnison where it enters the Gunnison River.  Much of the Tomichi flows through private property, however there is a one-mile stretch of public access just off US 50 below Sargents at the narrow part of the canyon.  Another public stretch is from Snowblind Campground upstream nearly two miles toward Whitepine.

Also in the upper Tomichi Creek Area is public fishing on Marshall Creek along certain sections of the Marshall Pass Road that takes off from US 50 at Sargents.  Access to Needle Creek Reservoir and Razor Creek takes off from US 50 near Doyleville onto County Road 46.

Cochetopa Creek offers many areas of public access along Highway 114 beginning at mile marker 12 and continuing 5 miles upstream through the narrow part of the canyon.  Several picnic areas offer public access and parking along the Cochetopa.  Above that watch for signs that read "State Stocked Water - Permission Required."  Be sure to ask permission to fish these areas.

The Cochetopa is well protected by willows, alders and brush.  It is best fished late in the summer when you can traverse instream.  For the persistent angler, this stream will yield very nice rainbow and brown trout.

Near the summit of Highway 114, approximately 20 miles south of US 50, look carefully for a sign that reads "national Forest Access - Old Agency."  turn south onto this good gravel road to a "T" intersection on Cochetopa Creek.  You are now in the middle of the Colorado Division of Wildlife's (CDOW) Coleman Easement.  This area contains roughly five miles of Cochetopa Creek, two miles of Los Pinos Creek and one-half mile of lower Archuleta Creek.  All three of these streams have excellent population of wild trout.  Watch for CDOW signs that explain the boundaries and special regulations that apply to this area.  Even though it is open to public fishing this is still private land so treat it with respect.

Up the road two miles from the "T" intersection are the Dome Lakes, which normally yield nice limits of trout and are a good place for children to fish.

Returning back to the "T" intersection, go southwest past the Old Agency on Los Pinos Creek.  If you stay on this road, you make a circle trip that will take you to Cathedral and down Cebolla Creek.  On the way, stop and fish McDonough Reservoir.

Quartz Creek enters the Tomichi from the north at Parlin approximately 12 miles east of Gunnison.  Turn on County Road 76 off US 50.  the Quartz Creek Valley is on e of the most picturesque in the Gunnison country.  Quartz Creek flows primarily through private property with no public fishing.

Ohio City is located on County Road 76, eight and one-half miles from the turnoff at US 50.  Here Gold Creek enters Quartz Creek from the north.  Travel eight miles up Gold Creek on a gravel road to the campground and trailhead from which you can hike to both upper and lower Lamphier Lakes.  For the hardy soul, a hike to Henry and Boulder Lakes can often provide a fishing surprise.

Several miles above Ohio City is Pitkin.  Just before arriving in the town is a good mile of public access to Quartz Creek near Roosevelt Campground.  Two miles above Pitkin the road forks.  The east fork leads to a campground and Middle Quartz Creek, which is a great little stream for rainbows and brooks.

A nice circle trip can be taken from Pitkin over Cumberland Pass to Tincup and on down to Taylor Reservoir to Almont and then to Gunnison.

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