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Gunnison Resource & Environmental Education Network


Gunnison Resource & Environmental Education Network

In November of 1993, representatives from several government agencies in the Gunnison Basin met to discuss their common interests regarding environmental education. They decided to create an environmental education network, between all Gunnison agencies, that would reduce duplication of effort, and improve delivery and content of educational messages.

This group sponsored a public forum in December, 1993. The forum was attended by K-12 teachers, school administrators, college professors, representatives of community advocacy and service groups, students, and government agency employees. At this meeting, the people identified local environmental issues, educational goals, and strategies for improving environmental education in the Gunnison Basin.

The government agency employees continued to meet after the forum and have organized themselves into a collaborative group called GREEN (Gunnison Resource & Environmental Educational Network). The mission, vision, and goals of GREEN are as follows:

  • Mission : Federal, state, and local environmental agencies, each with their unique missions, will dedicate their collective resources to accomplish a common vision of improved information dissemination and education in the Gunnison Basin.
  • Vision : That the people who live in, and visit, the Gunnison Basin are informed and educated about their surrounding natural and cultural resources, and take positive actions toward their care and management.
  • Goals :
    • To provide forums for sharing ideas about natural and cultural resources. We also collaborate to share resources and expertise.
    • To disseminate information that will foster responsible behavior in order to achieve the highest possible environmental quality for our communities.
    • To provide opportunities for community involvement in practical environmental experiences.
    • To share ideas between agencies in an attempt to understand each other's missions and to identify common ground.

GREEN's Action Strategies

  • To familiarize realtors and land owners with critical environmental laws, regulations, policies, and procedures. These efforts will also acquaint land owners with a stewardship philosophy, and identify resources available to them.
  • Continue expanding and improving the RE-1J, 7th Grade Youth Summit.
  • Continue involvement with the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE).
  • Continue to expand our outreach education programs.
  • To further integrate our roles within the schools' curricula, meeting Colorado Model Content Standards.
  • To continue with the promotion of our resources and programs.
  • To develop an assessment program that will allow GREEN to accurately measure the effectiveness of educational units presented in the RE-1J School District.
  • To disseminate information that will foster responsible behavior in order to achieve the highest possible environmental quality for our communities.
  • To provide opportunities for community involvement in practical environmental experiences.
  • To share ideas between agencies in an attempt to understand each other's missions and to identify common ground.

GREEN includes:

U.S. Forest Service
216 North Colorado
Gunnison, Colorado 81230

Phone: 970-641-0471

Contact: Peggy Dobie, Information Assistant

Mission: The Forest Service provides leadership in the management, protection, and use of the national forests and rangelands. The agency operates under the concept of multiple use, providing sustained yields of renewable resources such as water, forage, wildlife, wood, and recreation. The U.S. Forest Service is committed to the preservation of wilderness, biodiversity, and landscape beauty as well as the protection of the basic resources of soil, water, and air quality in its management of these lands.



  • Tree diseases and insects (recognition and control)
  • Timber harvesting and site preparation for new trees
  • Silviculture - the science and technique for growing healthy trees
  • Tree planting and transplanting


  • The history of fire and its role in nature (fire ecology)
  • Fire prevention, suppression and management
    • Controlled burning for:
    • wildlife habitat
    • range improvement
    • wildfire prevention
    • tree stand improvement
    • insect and disease reduction

Recreation Management

  • Developed recreation (campground management)
  • Dispersed recreation (outside of developed sites)
  • Special uses - Ski areas and special events on national forest lands
  • Guide and Outfitters (private persons providing a service to the public on national forest lands - hunting, rafting, horseback, snowmobile trips fishing, mountain biking etc.)
  • Trails - building and maintenance
  • Wilderness - management and monitoring of water, air, and land -"Leave no Trace" training
  • Law enforcement - crimes committed on national forest lands
  • Scenic Byways
  • Road management

Wildlife and Fisheries

  • Species identification and knowledge
  • Species preservation
  • Habitat improvement
  • Population control
  • Works in cooperation with Colorado Division of Wildlife to ensure continuing harvest of game fish and animals, identification and protection of sensitive species, and non-game species.

Vegetation Management

  • Plant identification
  • Livestock - grazing and its impact on rangelands
  • Revegetation
  • Soil studies
  • Rodent and poisonous plant control

Heritage Resources (Archaeology)

  • Specialists conduct studies on national forest lands in an attempt to find material remains that reflect the development of human culture through time (barbed wire, bottles, cabins, etc.)
  • These findings are then mapped, inventoried and used to determine how people lived during this time period.
  • If findings are significant, archaeologists work to preserve these areas in the national forest.

Resources: Presentations, field trips, portable displays, volunteer opportunities, environmental education, and Smokey and Woodsy appearances are all available on request and can be adapted to your teaching needs.


Natural Resources Conservation Service
216 North Colorado
Gunnison, Colorado 81230

Phone: (970) 641-0494

Contact: John Scott, District Conservationist

Mission: To provide leadership and administer programs to help people conserve, improve and sustain our natural resources and the environment.

Expertise: The inventory and evaluation of soil, water, air, plant, and animal resources. Can identify, map, and interpret soils properties. Provide information and measurement of water quantity and quality, as well as provide engineering, surveying, and design for irrigation systems planning. Can provide engineering surveys and design for water developments, such as; ponds, dams, spring developments, pipelines, and water tanks. Can evaluate wind erosion and agricultural air pollution problems. Conduct rangeland inventories, to determine range condition, production, and carrying capacity. Can recommend plant species for uses, such as; reclamation, hay and pasture production, range seeding, and wildlife habitat. Conduct woodland inventories. Evaluate habitat needs of livestock and wildlife. Do snow surveys to help forecast water supplies.

Resources: Have access to slide/tape shows and videos on soil, water, air, plant and animal resources, and the management of those resources. Can provide presentations on any of the above topics. Have access to volumes of materials for all age levels, dealing with the above resources. Most of the programs and materials can be provided free of charge. A couple of weeks notice in advance of presentations would be appreciated to provide for proper scheduling.


Bureau of Land Management
650 South 11th Street  
Gunnison, Colorado 81230
(970) 641-4940

Contact: Arden Anderson, Recreation &Wilderness Specialist

Mission: The Agency's mission is to mange a variety of public land resources under a multiple use management philosophy. Major areas of emphasis are wildlife, grazing, recreation, forestry, wilderness, minerals, archaeological resources, fisheries, etc.

Expertise: Specialists with the agency can provide instruction or act as resources for a wide variety of biological and land management topics. Our goal is to provide a better understanding of natural ecosystems and their management.

Resources: Our most common programs are slide presentations on a wide variety of natural resource related topics. Programs can be tailored for any age from preschool to university and adult audiences. We also lead field trips focusing on natural resources and their management. The BLM has the Indian Creek Camp, a rustic retreat located near the Powderhorn Wilderness, available for use by groups for environmental education purposes during June and July. Educational services are offered free, unless they involve unusual expenses. At least 2 weeks notice (and preferably more) is necessary to allow time for proper preparation. Contact Arden Anderson at the above address or number for further information. Formal educational units may soon be available for historical and archaeological resources.


National Park Service
Curecanti National Recreation Area
102 Elk Creek
Gunnison, Colorado 81230

Phone: (970) 641-2337 ext. 227 or 204

Contact: Phil Zichterman, Chief of Interpretation and Education
Bill "B.J." Johnson, Education Specialist

Mission: The 1916 Organic Act charged the National Park Service with the responsibility to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and the wildlife therein and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations. Additional roles to our mission include: Guardian of our diverse cultural and recreational resources; environmental advocate; world leader in the parks and preservation community; and, pioneer in the drive to protect America's open space. A recent goal from the National Park Service Vail Agenda is to develop a strategy for delivering information and educational programs to a culturally diverse audience, including both in park and out-of-park publics. The uniqueness of the National Park Service is its diversity of holdings and its challenge to preserve the resource and yet to provide for enjoyment.

Expertise: Biological, geological, archeo/cultural, historical, GIS, GPS, computer, educational, educational media, administrative, museum collection, CD-ROM and Computer Videography.

Resources: Three visitor centers; extensive, year-round on-site interpretation programs by professional interpreters; in-school environmental education programs, K-16: on-site experiences; community outreach programs; comprehensive library and museum collection; GIS, GPS and Internet capability (hardware and software); computer resource systems; on-site classrooms; college internship program.


Colorado Division of Wildlife
300 West New York Ave.
Gunnison, Colorado 81230 &
2300 South Townsend
Montrose, Colorado 81401

Phone: (970) 641-0088 & (970) 249-3431
Fax: (970) 249-2857

Contact: Dan Braugh or Matt Thorpe

Mission: The mission of the Division of Wildlife is to protect, manage and enhance the wildlife and its environment for the people of the State of Colorado and its visitors.

Expertise: Wildlife biology, ecology, population dynamics, habitat evaluation and management, wildlife law enforcement, firearms, hunting, trapping, fishing, outdoor recreation, wildlife identification and tracking, engineering, secretarial and office support, land and water resource management, computerized mapping systems, public relations, journalism, still and video photography, hunter and angler education, environmental education, Project WILD, watchable wildlife and volunteer programs.

Resources: Video library, Project WILD basic and advanced workshops, Habitat Grant Program for Schools, Colorado Riverwatch, Outdoor Adventure Workshop, classroom presentations, field trips, field activities, photographs, posters, National Wildlife Federation packets for National Wildlife Week, publications, books, brochures, pamphlets, consultation for wildlife projects, fishing clinics, aquatic education materials, and Colorado Division of Wildlife is connected to the Colorado State Library system and to the MAST hotline electronic bulletin board.

Note: Contact us with as much advance notice as possible, preferably 2 weeks in advance for proper preparation. Contact your school or public library for our video catalogue. Some videos are for sale, wholesale to educators. All videos are available free and you pay the return postage. Some videos have teacher activity guides and lesson plans. Habitat grants are available to Project WILD teachers. Most resources are free, but some books are for sale only. District Wildlife Managers can come into the classroom for formal presentations on most wildlife species and management programs.


Colorado State Forest Service
PO Box 1390
Gunnison, Colorado 81230

PHONE: (970) 641-6852

CONTACT: Brian Ayers, Assistant District Forester


  • To achieve stewardship of Colorado's environment through forestry outreach and service.
  • Provide for natural resource protection in mountains, plains, and urban settings from
  • damaging effects of fire, insects, disease, wind, water, and people.
  • Achieve improvement of Colorado's renewable natural resource base for values the public regards as important, while being sensitive to future needs.
  • Achieve public understanding of forestry's role and value in a healthy environment.

Expertise: Private land assistance in forest management, insect and disease control, wildfire prevention and suppression. Seedling tree planting for wind and soil protection and wildlife habitat improvement.

Resources: Speakers, publications, videos, movies, fire prevention posters. Project Learning Tree workshops.

Cost: Free handouts, videos - mailing fee only.


Colorado State University
Cooperative Extension Office
275 South Spruce
Gunnison Colorado, 81230

Phone : (970) 641-1260


Mission: To provide information and education, and encourage the application of research-based knowledge in response to local, state and national issues affecting individuals, youth, families, agricultural enterprises and communities of Colorado.

Expertise: The local extension office is an outreach of Colorado State University and is considered an information center. We have access to all the research based information that is provided by Colorado State University. The Colorado State University Cooperative works in direct communications with over 77 specialists. There are 37 specialists in the area of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 16 specialists in Consumer and Family Education, 16 in Youth Development and 8 specialists in the area of Public Relations.

Resources: We are available to individuals, organizations or agencies who are in need of information in the previously listed areas. Most of the information we provide is free, although some pamphlets are at cost. We perform needs assessment surveys and work with other agencies or organizations to assess the needs through workshops, newsletters, news articles, information brochures and individual consulting.

The 4-H program is one of the areas of youth education that addresses natural resources, wildlife, livestock, home economics, and community pride.


Gunnison Soil Conservation District
216 North Colorado
Gunnison, Colorado 81230

Phone: (970) 641-0494

Contact: Beth Ozyp, Soil Conservation District Manager

Mission: The Gunnison Soil Conservation District is a local grassroots organization created to address conservation concerns with landowners in the district and encourage the protection and enhancement of natural resources.

Expertise: Implement comprehensive natural resource management plans geared to the needs of the community. Primary areas of activity include: erosion control, groundwater protection, water conservation, flood control, rural development, wetlands protection and enhancement, habitat development and enhancement, range conservation and improvement. Providing information and educational activities aimed at thoroughly acquainting the public with natural resource management guidelines and the function of the Gunnison Soil Conservation District within the community.

Resources: Soil Stewardship materials available for local churches and soon to have soil stewardship materials for the general public, sponsors the SCD 6th Grade Poster Contest, sponsors the Annual Tree Give-away Show with KKYY, herbicide sales, grass seed sales, wildflower seed sales, aerator rental, range drill rental. Publications, field trips, and technical assistance provided by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service is also available.


Gunnison Basin Weed Commission
Mountain Meadow Research Center
P.O. Box 915
Gunnison, Colorado 81230

Phone: (970) 641-4393

Contact: Adena Green, Weed Control Specialist

Mission: The Gunnison Basin Weed Commission was organized according to C.R.S. 35-5.5, et. seq. the "Colorado Weed Management Act", which took place on July 1, 1990. By passing the law, the Colorado General Assembly, defines and declares that all the lands of the state of Colorado, whether in private or public ownership, are protected by and subject to the jurisdiction of a local government, empowered to manage undesirable plants as designated by the state of Colorado and the local governing body.

The goal of the Commission is to control and eradicate (where possible) noxious weeds in the Gunnison Basin in order to protect and enhance the native plant community and agricultural lands thus preventing adverse economic and ecologic impacts associated with these undesirable plant species.

Expertise: The coordination and implementation of an Integrated Weed Management Program in the Gunnison Basin. Certified Weed Free Forage Inspections for the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

Resources: Noxious weed publications, videos, slide presentations, and field trips. These are available at no cost.


Created by the Bureau of Land Management, Colorado
Point of Contact:
Arden Anderson
Last modified: December 30, 2004