Forestry Information

There are about 180,000 acres of forested land managed by the BLM’s Gunnison Field Office. The different forest types (in order of abundance) include Engleman Spruce/Subalpine Fir, Douglas Fir, Aspen, Ponderosa Pine, Blue Spruce, Juniper and Bristlecone Pine. Forest Health Management and Hazardous Fuels Reduction projects are the primary activities that take place within forested areas. The Forestry program also focuses on insect & disease management, firewood permitting and other sales of forest items.

Wood products such as fuel-wood, fence posts, transplants, and Christmas trees are available for non-commercial sale in designated areas. Non-commercial sales of wood products are for personal use only and the products cannot be resold. A permit is required. The permit includes rules concerning your activity that must be followed.

Non-commercial permits can be purchased at BLM's Gunnison Field Office. Generally, A minimum purchase of $20.00is required for all wood products except Christmas Trees. For more information, contact the Gunnison Field Office at 970.641.0471.

The following forest products are available through the Gunnison Field Office (prices and availability subject to change).

The current price list is:

  • Firewood - $10.00/cord with a 2-cord minimum (Only dead material may be cut)
  • Christmas trees - $8.00/tree (Mostly subalpine fir)
  • Corral poles - $0.40/pole (Mostly green lodgepole pine)
  • Wildlings - $5.00/tree (Small aspen trees under 6 ft)

There are some areas in the Gunnison Basin where gathering of forest products is not allowed. If you have a specific area in mind where you want to go, be sure to check with us when you get your permit to make sure you will be in the right area.

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