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Rock Gathering in the Colorado River Valley Field Office

You can obtain mineral materials through permits within the Colorado River Valley Field Office.  Decorative stone and pit run are available over-the-counter with a BLM 30-day permit through established community pits that have previously been cleared for sensitive values. However, in some cases, other materials might also be collected from BLM lands through an application process for obtaining a permit. See below for application process. All permits can be obtained for a fee according to the following schedule:

Decorative: flagstone, cut stone, moss rock and boulders

$13.50 per ton + $3.50 reclamation fee ($13.50 per cu yd)

Non-Decorative large rock

$3.65 per ton ($5.44 per cu yd)

River Cobbles$2.00 per ton ($3.00 per cu yd)
Cinders$1.75 per ton ($1.93 per cu yd)
Sand and Gravel - Road Base .75'-1.5''

$0.52 per ton ($0.70 per cu yd)

Rip Rap

$0.84 per ton ($1.25 per cu yd)

Clay$0.50 per ton ($0.55 per cu yd)
Fill Material$0.55 per ton ($0.55 per cu yd)
Pit Run type material (Sand and Gravel - Not Road Base)$0.75 per cu yd + $0.25 per cu yd reclamation fee

Depending on conditions, these prices are subject to reappraisal.
*No sales will be completed for less than a ton.
If mineral materials are requested from areas outside of the currently established sites, an application must be filed with the local BLM office addressing the following:
  1. USGS 7.5 degree map showing the location of and access to the application area.
  2. Discussion of timeframes, volume, equipment proposed to be used, topsoil preservation and plans for surface protection and final reclamation in accordance with a mining plan.

The application must include volumes sufficient to cover the costs of processing the application and performing the necessary resource clearances. In some cases, clearances may have to be contracted out at the buyer's expense. Certain conditions of operations designed to protect the environment in the area would be added to any operations permit. Access would be limited to periods of dry soil conditions, creating no new roads or trails. Also, it may not be always be possible to drive directly to all of the material, requiring some to be transported by hand. A bond may also be required. Any unauthorized removal of mineral materials from public lands could result in assessment of trespass damages.


Normally, allow approximately six to eight weeks for the local office to process an application. Contact the Colorado River Valley Field Office at 970-876-9000 for more information.