Colorado River Valley Field Office Special Areas


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Wilderness Study Areas

The 1976 Federal Land Policy and Management Act directs the BLM to inventory areas for their wilderness characteristics. These areas are known as wilderness study areas (WSAs). Until Congress makes a final decision either to designate these areas as wilderness or release them for other multiple uses, the BLM manages WSAs to preserve their suitability for designation as wilderness.

Areas of Critical Environmental Concern

ACECs are designations that highlight areas where special management attention is needed to protect and prevent irreparable damage to unique natural values or to protect human life and safety from natural hazards. The BLM establishes special management measures for these areas through land use planning.

  1. Blue Hill
  2. Bull Gulch
  3. Deep Creek
  4. Glenwood Springs Debris Flow Hazard Zone
  5. Thompson Creek
  6. Roan Plateau (4 ACECs)
  7. Mount Logan Foothills
  8. McCoy Fan Delta
  9. Hardscrabble/ Mayer Gulch
  10. East Eagle Ridge
  11. Grand Hogback
  12. Lyons Gulch
  13. Sheep Creek Uplands

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