Lower Eagle River
The lower Eagle River provides a variety of scenic, outdoor recreation opportunities for all visitors to enjoy. For river enthusiasts, fishing, rafting, kayaking and canoeing are plentiful on the Eagle River. Floating season generally occurs during late May through July. Visitors who want to enjoy camping, picnicking, sightseeing, and wildlife viewing can access the river from several public access points along the highway.

The scenery along the Eagle River includes 30 miles of colorful and rugged sandstone cliffs and canyons from Edwards to Dotsero. Spruce trees, cottonwoods, alder, dogwoods and a variety of other riparian vegetation borders the river. Spruce-fir and aspen forests are seen in the background mountains, and Serviceberry, scrub oak, pinyon-juniper woodland and sagebrush and grasses in the lower foothills. The valley is mainly agricultural and livestock ranches.


SQUAW CREEK WATER TREATMENT PLANT - A wide flat gravel launch area with plenty of parking provides for a major take-out site for floaters along the county road. No toilets or facilities.

BELLYACHE SITE- Very steep dirt road access to river for fishing and floating along Highway 6 with limited parking. No facilities.

UTE CREEK - Small parking turnout with walk in river access for fishing and picnicking. Great rivers stop for floaters. No facilities.

TRESTLE BRIDGE RAPIDS CLASS III - Hazardous in high flood flows, creating low clearance to float under Railroad Bridge. Best to float between the two piers.

WOLCOTT CAMPGROUND - Gravel parking with dirt roads leads to fishing and picnicking areas. Undeveloped camping with a primitive boat launching area. Toilets are available. Rock climbers enjoy scaling boulders.

RED CANYON AREA - Outstanding geologic features. Fishing with no facilities.

INTERSTATE RAPID (CLASS III) - Scouting advised along turnout on Highway 6.

DEAD COW RAPID (CLASS III / IV) - Scouting advised along turnout on Highway 6. 

EAGLE RIVER LEASE /OLD HWY 6 BRIDGE SITE - Gravel parking at turnout along Highway 6 for fishing from Red Canyon to North Shore.

EAGLE INFORMATION CENTER - Along frontage road off of I-70. Information and visitor center. Parking with boat launching area. Fishing and picnicking. Toilets and trashcans are available.

ROCK DAM HAZARD - Scouting advised along upper fair grounds parking area.

EAGLE COUNTY FAIR GROUNDS - Take frontage road off I-70 pass the fairgrounds and turn left at first road to the left with posted warning sign. Gravel parking with small launching and take-out area. Be aware the take-out is immediately below Footbridge. Pull hard to river right to access ramp. Picnicking and fishing access. Toilets are available.

GYPSUM PONDS- Parking with dirt roads to Division of Wildlife fishing ponds. Day use only. Excellent for viewing waterfowl.

GYPSUM CAMPGROUND - Gravel roads with primitive walk in fishing and camping. No facilities.

HORSE PASTURE - Gravel parking with walk in fishing and picnicking. Day use only. No facilities.

LAVA FLOW - Dirt road to primitive boat ramp with picnicking.  Day use only. Caution: Hazardous basalt rock in river can puncture rafts. Be careful while floating this section.

DOTSERO, COLORADO RIVER - Exit 133 from I-70 to gravel parking area. Fishing, launching and take-out area. No facilities.

Overall Class IV

Late May to early July

One of the most popular places to catch trout in central Colorado is on the Eagle River. Rainbow and Brown trout dominate the angler's creel, but a few Cutthroat and Brook are occasionally caught.

The Eagle River from Gore Creek to the Colorado River at Dottier has a two trout limit.  Fly-fishing has become most popular along this river.

The Division of Wildlife has a stretch of fishing lease along the Eagle River between Wolcott and Eagle. Be sure to read the fishing lease access signs carefully, because a great deal of the Eagle River runs through private land. It is extremely important for fishermen to know exactly where to legally fish.

Major public access sites are the Wolcott put in sites off old US Hwy 6, 1 1/2 miles west of Wolcott and Eagle City Park

Other popular access sites are located on private land. Permission is required.

USGS: Edwards, Wolcott, Eagle