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Colorado River Valley Field Office Special Recreation Permits

Special Recreation Permits (SRPs) are required for a variety of recreation activities on BLM lands. They are used to ensure public health and safety, protect natural and recreational resources, and ensure the public receives a fair monetary return for certain recreation uses of BLM public lands. SRPs are required for commercial activities, competitive events, certain organized group activities and in some designated special areas.

Read the full information on Special Recreation Permits.

Read the full Special Recreation Permit Handbook. 

 Current Special Recreation Permits

The Colorado River Valley Field Office administers several SRPs. Below is a list of current permitted outfitters/guides in the Colorado River Valley Field Office.

Hunting Outfitters/Guides

River Outfitters/Guides

Summer Use Permits

If you see a commercial/organized group on BLM land in the Colorado River Valley Field Office area and do not see their company/group listed above, please contact the Colorado River Valley Field Office at 970-876-9080.   

 2015 Resource Management Plan Record of Decision

REC-MA-11. Special Recreation Permits:
-  Except in the Red Hill Special Recreation Management Area (SRMA) and the Bocco Mountain Extensive Recreation Management Area (ERMA), the Colorado River Valley Field Office (CRVFO) would evaluate the need for new SRPs or new uses on existing permits every 5 years.  
-  SRPs are issued as a discretionary action for activities that: a) are consistent with resource/program objectives (e.g., SRPs may not be authorized/amended if desired use levels are meeting or projected to exceed desired levels of RMAs or recreation sites); b) are within budgetary/workload constraints (e.g., If the CRVFO is unable to fulfill or complete all the necessary steps of issuing and managing an SRP, then an SRP may not be issued); c) would satisfy a public demand that the applicant can factually demonstrate is not being met (e.g., SRPs may not be authorized/amended if a similar service is being offered in an area and there is no market research, demand analysis, recreation monitoring, or staff knowledge indicating a public demand exists); d) would not cause public health and safety issues or create user conflicts (e.g., An SRP may not be issued if BLM lands together with projected public use levels are insufficient to accommodate the proposed use).  
-  The number of big game hunting SRPs (14) and mountain lion hunting SRPs (12) will be managed to maintain the current number of SRPs as a maximum within same or similar permit area boundaries (except SRPs for guiding special big game tag holders [e.g., Governors tag], which would be issued on a case-by-case basis).  
-  In the Red Hill SRMA and the Bocco Mountain ERMA, no SRPs for competitive events, vending, group use, special area use, or new commercial SRPs would be issued.  In other RMAs, SRP issuance would be guided by specific RMA guidance (Appendix F).  
-  Within lands managed for the protection of wilderness characteristics, issue special recreation permits only if the proposed activity or event is beneficial to the realization of values associated with wilderness characteristics. 

 How to Apply, Transfer or Renew Your Permit

How to apply for a new permit or change your existing permit.
Decisions to issue new permits or new uses on existing SRPs were recently made in 2015. The BLM has not identified any needs for new permits or new uses on existing permits at this time. The next evaluation will be in 2020, at which time these determinations may change.

Colorado River Valley Field Office (CRVFO) Special Recreation Permit (SRP) Policy for Commercial, Competitive, and Organized Group River Use on the Colorado River, Eagle River and the Roaring Fork River.
An SRP will not be required for river-related commercial, competitive, or organized group uses that: 
   1.   Begin and end on non-BLM-administered lands (i.e., stream beds or river banks) and  
          simply float through or over BLM-administered lands even if some BLM parcels happen 
          to be larger than one mile; and
    2.   do not use BLM lands for commercial, competitive, or organized group (e.g., wade 
          fishing, lunch stops or anchoring); and
   3.   do not use BLM-managed or BLM cooperatively managed facilities.
Locations.  This policy will apply to SRPs within the CRVFO on the following rivers or river sections:  Colorado River (State Bridge to Debeque), Eagle River (Edwards to the confluence), and the Roaring Fork River.

How to transfer an existing permit.

Permit Renewal and Annual Operating Authorization Requirements.


 Special Recreation Permit Forms

Application (new and altered permit), and permit renewal forms:

Post Use (after operating season) forms:

  • Eagle River Trip Log (Edwards to the Colorado River confluence) excel  pdf
  • Lower Colorado River Trip Log (includes Horseshoe Bend and South Canyon) excel  pdf
  • Roaring Fork River Trip Log (includes Wingo Junction)  excel  pdf
  • Upper Colorado River Trip Log (State Bridge to Bair Ranch)  excel  pdf
  • All Year Upland (non-river) Trip Log  excel  pdf
  • Fall Upland (non-river) Trip Log (includes Big Game Hunting)  excel  pdf
  • Winter Upland (non-river) Trip Log (includes Mountain Lion Hunting)  excel  pdf
  • Competitive Event Trip Log  excel  pdf

All forms and requirements must be sent to:

Bureau of Land Management
Colorado River Valley Field Office
Attn:  Recreation Permit Administrator
2300 River Frontage Road
Silt, Colorado 81652

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