Colorado River Valley Fire Management Plan

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Planning and Policy

III. Strategies

IV. Fire Management Components

V. Orginization and Budget

VI. Monitoring and Evaluation

Glossary with Acronyms


Appendix A: FMU Maps

Appendix B: FMU Descriptions and Strategies

Appendix C: Organizational Chart

Appendix D: 17 Federal Fire Policy Statements and the GSFO FMP

Appendix E: Minimum Impact Suppression Tacticts (MIST) Guidlines

Appendix F: FMU Priorization

Appendix G: Large Fire Occurrence Within the UCR FPU

Appendix H: Fire Danger Operating and Preparedness Plan

Appendix I: UCR FPU Guidlines for Management of Type III Incidents

Appendix J: Field Fatality and Serious Injury Plan

Appendix K: UCR FPU Accident/Incident Reporting Plan

Appendix L: Prescribed Fire Burn Plan

Appendix M: Cover Type and Vegetation Treatment Map

Environmental Assessment Record #CO-140-2001-0051

Biological Assessment


Revised 2009