Colorado River Valley Field Office Master Development Plans

Formerly known as Geographic Area Plans (GAPs)

Documents in Preparation:

Homer Deep (Grand Junction Field Office)

Completed Documents:

Jackson Gulch

Pumba Pipeline (DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2012-0035-EA)

Kokopelli II Pipeline (DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2012-0028-EA) (Amended Decision)

Kokopelli II Pipeline (DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2012-0028-EA)                 

Gibson Gulch II (DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2011-0030-EA)


Dejour (DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2010-0068-EA)


North Castle Springs (DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2010-0032-EA)

West Mamm (DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2010-0008-EA) 

Flatiron Mesa (DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2010-0002-EA)

Cache Creek (DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2009-0088 -EA)

Spruce Creek to Mamm Creek Pipeline (DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2009-0070-EA) (Amended Decision)

Spruce Creek to Mamm Creek Pipeline (DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2009-0070-EA)

Orchard II (DOI-BLM-CO140-2008-032-EA)

Kokopelli (DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2008-0016-EA)

Gibson Gulch (DOI-BLM-CO-N140-2008-0007-EA)

Spruce Creek (CO140-2007-167-EA)

Helmer Gulch (CO140-2007-134-EA)

Pete and Bill Creek (CO140-2007-115-EA)

Doghead Mountain (CO140-2007-042-EA)

South Parachute (CO140-2006-050-EA)

Rulison (CO140-2006-045-EA)

Gant Gulch (CO140-2005-134-EA)

Orchard Unit (CO140-2005-113-EA)

Wheeler to Webster (CO140-2005-047-EA)

Castle Springs (CO140-2005-009-EA)

Grass Mesa (CO140-2004-081-EA) 

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