Ute Bear Dance: Window to Ute Culture


The "Sleeping Ute" of Ute Mountain, Colorado

The loan kit Bear Dance: Window to Ute Culture includes a 25-page document with four sections-- Ute History & Culture, The Bear Dance, Ute Beadwork, and The Hand Game. Each section includes background information, lesson plans, and student activity sheets. 





Notebook (lesson plans, etc.)  

  • Activity Outlines
  • Ute History and Culture
  • Ute Bear Dance Tradition
  • The Archaic Period
  • The Legend of the Sleeping Ute
  • The Ute Legacy
  • Explorations in Southern Ute History
  • Wolf, Little Deer, and the Ute Bear Dance
  • Misc. short documents on Ute history
  • Examples of Bear Dance drawings
  • Ute Beadwork
  • Ute Hand Game
Open or download this document: BearDance.pdf


  • The Night the Grandfathers Danced
  • Beardream
  • Ute Indian Arts & Culture


  • Colorado Ute Legacy
  • Bear Dance
  • Hand Game

CD: Bear Dance Stories


Audiocassette:  Hand Game Songs


  • Bear Dance rasp and stick (short pipe), mailed separately
  • Dance shawl
  • Beaded gauntlets (gloves)
  • Beaded leather pouch
  • Hand Game Drum and Drum Stick
  • Hand Game Set:

__   Ten scoring sticks

__   Kick stick

__   Four hiding pieces ("bones")

__   Bandana


Work  Samples

  • Cardboard bead loom, partially beaded
  • Student beadwork

Ute Educational Resources

  • Guest Speakers and Craft Demonstrators
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Educational Organizations

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