Several kinds of boxed artifact collections ("loan kits") are available for loan to teachers:

  • Most represent the Ancestral Puebloan or "Anasazi" culture of Southwest Colorado between A.D. 1 and A.D. 1300. Most items in these kits are original archaeological materials (some plant-based items are replicas). 

  • One kit, Bear Dance: Window to Ute Culture, represents historic and contemporary Ute culture.

  • All children must be closely supervised to prevent damage to the fragile original artifacts.



  • GENERAL SURVEY kits contain many kinds of artifacts (pottery, bone, stone, vegetal, etc.) representing aspects of the Ancestral Puebloan culture. Each kit is accompanied by activities for curated objects including "Telling and Object's Story" and "Name that Artifact." The Intriguing Past, a general teaching guide produced by the BLM's Project Archaeology Team, introduces fundamental concepts of archaeology. The guidebook is best for grades 4-12, but kits may be used with younger children. FIVE AVAILABLE


  • CHRONOLOGICAL SEQUENCE kits contain materials similar to the General Survey kits, but the artifacts are sorted by time period to show developmental stages of the culture.  ONE AVAILABLE


  • PLANT MATERIAL kits contain samples of domestic and wild plants cultivated or gathered for food, medicine, clothing, etc. "Nature's Harvest," an ethnobotany activity from the Escalante Pueblo Curriculum, is included along with interpretive material from the AHC nature trail discussing plants found in the kits. ONE AVAILABLE


  • CERAMICS TYPOLOGY kits contain varieties of pottery samples from the Northern San Juan region. The kit offers two levels of classification activities (elementary and upper secondary through college) using the newly-developed "AHC Typology Guide."  ONE AVAILABLE


  • BEAR DANCE: Window to Ute Culture kit contains artifacts, lessons plans, and audiovisual materials for four activities. Artifacts include dance regalia, beadwork, drum, rasp and game sticks. The accompanying Bear Dance Curriculum is useful with grades 4-12, but the kit may be used with any age. more info...  THREE AVAILABLE  

Kit size and weight: Variable.

Cost to borrow: No cost at this time.  

To borrow or reserve a kit (or for more information): Contact the Anasazi Heritage Center by phone at (970) 882-5620, or e-mail Kelly Ritter.


Lead time required:  Contact us least two weeks before you want to use the kit. Many teachers reserve kits several months in advance, so plan ahead. Kits are currently shipped by UPS.