Junior Explorer Archaeology Program

Kids! Check out our Junior Explorer Archaeology program!

Kids who visit the museum can discover archaeology and the exciting world of the Ancestral Puebloans (or Anasazi) while earning certification as an official Junior Explorer. Just ask for this booklet at the museum's information desk when you arrive.

As you move through the galleries and exhibits, watch for hidden discovery drawers, miniature artifacts, and clues under the microscopes. Use your imagination as you explore the replica pithouse, and the computerized archaeological site which takes you back in time!  

Challenging activities are offered for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of difficulty (see one here). For the youngest explorers, parents can help read and and guide the search.

At the end of your exploration, bring your booklet back to the information desk... you will take a pledge to protect archaeological sites, then receive a badge and official certificate identifying you as a Junior Explorer.