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View of La Plata Mountains from Escalante Pueblo

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The Anasazi Heritage Center is a designated federal repository for artifacts removed from public lands during legitimate excavations.

Currently the museum manages a collection of about 3 million items. Many are products of the Dolores Archaeological Program (1978-1984) - the largest single public archaeology project in United States history - which preceded the construction of McPhee Dam and Reservoir. A large private collection of local artifacts, the Chappell Collection, is on permanent loan to the museum.

The collection, kept in permanent safe storage and available to researchers, grows as new archaeology projects are completed.

Corrugated Ollaceramic canteenDuck effigy vessel
Mancos Black-on-white pitcher, 1000-1150 ADRed Mesa black-on-white seed jar, 900-1030 ADYucca sandal


Gaming pieces