Dominguez Pueblo

Dominguez Pueblo site mapThis small structure at the Anasazi Heritage Center sits at the base of a hill below the much-larger Escalante Pueblo. It probably was home to a family of of four to six people.

The Dominguez site has four rooms marked by low stone walls— all that remains of a roofed structure built about AD 1123 with poles, brush, and earth. The easternmost room appears to have been added after the first three were built. Just south of this room block is a dirt-walled kiva 11 feet in diameter. It was not possible to stabilize the kiva, so it was reburied to keep it intact.

With its blocky stonework and separate kiva, Dominguez Pueblo is a good architectural example of the local Northern San Juan branch of the Ancestral Pueblo culture.

Although it may seem small and plain, the site is significant because it shows that local people lived close to the Chaco-style Escalante Pueblo. Its proximity to Escalante, and their overlapping dates, suggest that the two settlements shared some community activities.