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Performance Management
Shortly after you enter on duty your supervisor will give you a copy of the position description for your job. Your position description is the official record of your main duties and responsibilities and is used in developing performance appraisal criteria. Take some time to read through your position description. Ask your supervisor about anything that is not clear to you.

Your supervisor will review your position description with you at least once a year to ensure that is accurately reflects your main duties and responsibilities. Keep a copy of your position description and refer to it from time to time. You may want to make notes on your copy when your job changes, so that you can discuss the changes with your supervisor.

Employee Performance Appraisal Plan (EPAP)
The Employee Performance Appraisal Plan (EPAP) is the 5- level appraisal system used by the BLM to evaluate the work performance of its employees. When used effectively, the EPAP is a valuable communication tool for both employee development and organizational accomplishments. You should receive your EPAP within 60 days of starting.

Performance Elements and Performance Standards
Your supervisor will explain your duties and responsibilities to you and discuss what is expected of you for satisfactory performance. To further define your performance expectations, your supervisor will establish performance elements and performance standards for your job. Employees are encouraged to participate in this process with their supervisors.
Performance elements tell you what work assignments and responsibilities are needed to be accomplished during the appraisal period. All employees must have one performance element that is linked to the strategic mission and Government Performance Results Act goals of the organization. Between on e and five performance elements can be established for a position. These elements are all considered critical elements. They are of such importance to the position that unsatisfactory performance in on element alone would result in a determination that the employee’s overall performance is unsatisfactory. 
Performance standards tell employees how well performance elements must be done by defining achievable rating levels for: Exceptional, Superior, Fully Successful, Minimally Successful, and Unsatisfactory performance. These five rating levels focus on results and include credible measures such as quality, quantity, timeliness, cost effectiveness, etc.
Your overall performance is evaluated by your supervisor or rating official using these performance standards. A determination that an employee’s overall performance is unsatisfactory could result in, remedial action or the denial of a within-grade increase. An unsatisfactory performance rating might also be the basis for removal or reduction in grade.
The Rating Process
At the end of the appraisal period, your supervisor will carefully review the performance elements and standards for your position. Based on your actual performance, one of five rating levels may be assigned. The rating will be presented to you during the formal performance discussion between you and your supervisor. The appraisal will be completed with your signature and a copy provided to you. This rating is documented on the EPAP form and is considered as your Rating of Record. Your rating of record is directly linked to your eligibility for certain types of pay increases and awards.