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Occupational Health and Safety

A Presidential Directive mandates the Federal Worker 2000 Presidential Safety Initiative which states,

The Federal workforce is a valuable asset to our healthy economy.  We need to do more to protect our dedicated public servants from preventable injuries and illnesses.  From this point forward, I want to make safety and health of every federal worker a central value in each operation performed in federal workplaces.

The Bureau of Land Management is dedicated to fulfilling this initiative.  Agency safety and health policies and guidelines are established to provide each BLM employee the opportunity to have a safe and healthful work environment.

As an employee, you are responsible for:

  • Complying with safety and health rules and policies.
  • Participating in the safety process and program activities.
  • Following established risk management principles and guidance.
  • Working safely and responsibly for themselves and coworkers.
  • Using (properly) and caring for any personal protective equipment. 
  • Assessing their work environment for safety.
  • Reporting unsafe and unhealthful work conditions and practices. 
  • Reporting every incident, accident, and injury to their supervisor.
In addition, you have the right to:
  • Participate in BLM safety and occupational health activities.
  • Be protected from restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal for filing a report of unsafe or unhealthful working condition.
  • Remain anonymous when reporting unsafe or unhealthful working conditions.
  • Decline to perform an assigned task if: 
    • refusal is made in good faith, and
    • there is a reasonable belief that, under the circumstances the task poses an imminent risk of death or serious bodily harm, and 
    • there is insufficient time to seek effective redress through normal hazard reporting and abatement procedures.
BLM Colorado’s State Safety Manager is John DeVore, (303) 239-3650.