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The Bureau of Land Management in Colorado manages some 8.4 million acres of public lands mostly along the Western Slope. These lands range from alpine tundra, colorful canyons, and mesas in the southwest, to rolling sage-covered hills in the northwest.

Public lands play a vital role in providing open space and contribute to Colorado's quality of life. Managing these lands can be challenging task for the BLM, particularly given the population growth in the state. With more people using the public lands for recreation, as well as for more traditional purposes, such as grazing and mining, open space is becoming the land management issue of the 21st century. The fact is, open space - the West's distinctive quality - is shrinking, and this makes the BLM's management of the public lands more important than ever.

BLM Colorado is always looking for motivated people who care about public lands to help us meet our mission. Visit our site for more information on how to get involved as an employee or a volunteer.

The BLM Colorado State Office Branch of Human Resources can be reached at 303-239-3935. The office hours are 7:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.mountain time Monday through Friday.

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