Fish and Wildlife


Fish and Wildlife 

The diverse ecosystems and landscapes of BLM Colorado's public lands provide habitat for more than 671 species of fish and wildlife, and 100 special status plants and animals including 13 federally threatened and 16 federally endangered species. The BLM's wildlife habitat management goal is to maintain a diversity of fish and wildlife species and habitat while conserving special status plant and animal species on public land. The BLM accomplishes this goal by restoring, maintaining and enhancing habitat productivity and quality as a part of its multiple use mission.                                                                      

Colorado's broad diversity of wildlife includes 473 bird species, 130 mammal species, 49 reptile species, 69 fish species and 18 amphibian 18 species.  Colorado is also home to numerous species of invertebrates, including mollusks and crustaceans.          

Flora is also abundant in the state. Approximately 3,700 species and subspecies of plants, representing 132 families and 941 genera, have been described in Colorado.

Colorado, including areas managed by the BLM, continues to be recognized nationally for its stream fishing and big game hunting.



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