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2009 National Adoption Day - Colorado

Colorado's Lucky Flush

These mustangs were all gathered from the Jackson Mountain herd management area in northern Nevada in August and September of 2007 and have more than three months of halter training from the  Colorado Wild Horse Inmate Program in Canon City, Colo. When the population of this herd exceeded the land’s ability to support them, an emergency gather took place and many horses were removed to prevent further declines in animal and rangeland health. Unfortunately, the conditions were much worse than expected by the time the gather occurred, and some horses perished from complications due to malnutrition and dehydration.  Many of the horses from the Jackson Mountain area are still in holding facilities and awaiting adoption.

These five lucky geldings, or rather, Colorado’s Lucky Flush:  Churchill, Pershing, Lander, Elko, and Humboldt (named after counties in northern Nevada) are a testament to the easy-going nature of horses from this herd.  The horses all finished halter training within one month and are ready to begin saddle training.  In order to graduate from halter training, mustangs are expected to:  be caught in a small pen, lead, stand tied, halter easily, lunge both in a round pen and in the open, pick up their feet for trimming, and load in and out of a 4-horse stock trailer. The adoption fee for each is $125. 

These horses will be available at the National Adoption Day adoption held in Canon City, Colo. on Sept. 18, 2009.  You must be an approved applicant and make an appointment at least 3 days prior to any adoptions you attend at the Canon City holding facility. (click here for adoption information)

You can also visit the BLM Wild Horse & Burro National page and the National Wild Horse Adoption Day page for more information.

Churchill - 06601356:  

Churchill is 3 years old and stands 14-2 hands. He is easy-going, easy to catch, and seeks human companionship.  In addition to halter training, he was saddled and ridden once in a round pen with no resistance.








Pershing - 06601323:  

Pershing is 3 years old and stands 14-1 hands.  He is very gentle and was halter trained in two days.  Even before he was selected for Colorado’s Lucky Flush, he was the only horse in a pen of 100 that would come right up and greet visitors.  He has no fear of people and would be a good confidence builder for a beginning adopter.







Lander - 06601375:  

Lander is 3 years old and stands 14-1 hands.  He has nice markings and is well-behaved under halter.  This mustang is fairly energetic but respects his handler.









Elko - 05601458:  

Elko is 4 years old and stands 14-1 hands tall.  He has more of a refined build and is athletic.  He might make a good endurance prospect or event horse.









Humboldt - 05601308:  

Humboldt is 4 years old and stands 14-2 hands.  He is very alert and attentive and likes to know what is going on around him.  He is somewhat fidgety, but respects the handler.  With more time and training, he will likely settle down and get more comfortable in his surroundings.