Information and Guidelines

BLM Colorado Recreation Strategy:

The BLM is responsible for managing public lands for recreation, but issues regarding the preservation of the environment, wildlife and archaeological and paleontological resources; sustainable natural resource extraction; the visual appeal of public lands; and socioeconomic impacts must also be addressed.

The BLM Colorado Recreation Program mission statement:
"BLM Colorado recreation will; through innovative partnerships, stakeholder commitment, and community-based collaboration; maintain the valued recreation opportunities, desired landscape settings and public land health ensuring long-term ecological sustainablity while providing benefits to visitors, communities, and the natural and cultural environment."


Safety, Regulations and Laws:

When planning a trip to BLM public lands in Colorado, it is important to take all necessary safety precautions and to be aware of any related regulations. To ensure the safety of visitors and the protection of wildlife and the land, you should take into consideration the weather conditions, necessary equipment, the specific species inhabiting the area and any associated procedures that are recommended. It is also important to be familiar with regulations pertaining to the location you are visiting and with laws regarding the types of activity in which you are participating. There are a variety of regulations regarding trail designations, boating trips, hunting, rock collecting, cultural resources and other recreational opportunities.

The links below provide information about important standards and guidelines to be aware of while recreating on BLM public lands in Colorado:

Hiker amongst pine trees


Bighorn sheep




Rock art

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