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Target Shooting

Shooting rangeTarget shooting is an exciting and challenging hobby that involves long-term skill development. In some locations within Colorado, there are shooting ranges that provide users with a safe place to practice regularly. There are also opportunities for shooting in undeveloped public lands.

Target shooting is permitted in most locations on BLM lands in Colorado. However, some areas are closed to target shooting for purposes of safety and resource protection. To ensure the well-being and enjoyment of all visitors on public lands, please follow all necessary laws, regulations and guidelines:

  • Do not violate restrictions or closures.
  • Shoot in a safe location with a sufficient backdrop.
  • Do not shoot across roads or trails or in any unsafe direction.
  • Keep guns unloaded and fingers off triggers until ready to shoot.
  • Do not shoot while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Clean up targets afterward.
  • Do not disturb, damage or destroy the environment; wildlife; cultural, historical or paleontological resources; or government or private property.

Various other regulations also apply. For additional information, contact the local BLM field office for the area you are planning to visit.

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Grand Valley Area

Visitors of the Grand Valley area can enjoy target shooting at the Grand Valley Shooting Range. In addition, though this activity is prohibited within the Grand Valley OHV Open Area, the lands to the north and west are popular for shooting.