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Mountain Biking


Mountain bikersSome of the nation's best mountain biking opportunities can be found on Colorado's public lands. Riders of all skill levels can enjoy a variety of single-track and double-track trails, as well as backcountry roads, to challenge their abilities. Whether high up in the mountains, along river banks or just outside a small town, opportunities abound throughout the state.

Featured Recreation Areas


Whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River

Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area

There are plenty of excellent mountain biking opportunities within Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area. The Salida area is a particularly popular location. Mountain bikers will enjoy challenging rides accompanied by the spectacular scenery surrounding the Arkansas River.

Rocky overlook

Bangs Canyon Recreation Area

The Lunch Loops Trail System features a number of trails rated "more difficult" to "very difficult." This portion of Bangs Canyon Recreation Area will take mountain bikers through exciting and challenging terrain.


Durango Recreation Area

Durango Recreation Area, which consists of five discontiguous units, features a number of excellent mountain biking trails. These areas border the the town of Durango, where mountain bike rentals are conveniently available.

Emerald Mountain

Emerald Mountain Recreation Area

One portion of Emerald Mountain Recreation Area provides opportunities for some challenging mountain biking. While enjoying these trails, visitors will see landscapes with a variety of vegetation and wildlife habitats.

Geological formations

Gateway Area

The Gateway Trails are a complex system allowing visitors to choose from a variety of mountain biking routes. With red cliffs, rugged canyons and the towering Palisade formation, the Gateway area is definitely worth exploring.

Mountainous landscape

Hartman Rocks Recreation Area

Visitors of Hartman Rocks Recreation area will enjoy the spectacular Ring Dike, a geological formation with a six-mile diameter. Here, 44 miles of single-track trails offer exceptional mountain biking.

Mountain bikers

McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area:
Mack Ridge

Within McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area, the 142-mile long Kokopelli's Trail running along Mack Ridge features world-class mountain biking. Visitors can also enjoy the interconnecting routes of the Kokopelli Loops trail system.

The Bookcliffs

North Fruita Desert Recreation Area

More than 80 miles of single-track and double-track trails make North Fruita Desert Recreation Area excellent for mountain biking. While riding, visitors will have views of the Bookcliffs, an incredible flat-top mountain range.

Hikers at Red Hill viewing a distant mountain

Red Hill Recreation Area

With a system of single-track trails, Red Hill Recreation Area is extremely popular for its outstanding mountain biking. There are routes available for bicyclists of any skill level. Challenging rides abound on the rugged landscapes, while there are also plenty of smoother trails.


Ridgway Area Trails

With both single-track and double-track trails, the Ridgway Area Trails are most popular for mountain biking. The San Juan Mountains tower in the background, providing riders with a outstanding views.