September 11, 2014 Oil and Gas Lease Sale

*Please note that not all documents may be available at a given time. They will be added as they become available. 
* This lease sale was originally scheduled August 14, 2014
* This lease sale is being combined with upcoming lease sales

Date(s) Available
Two Week Public Scoping
  • Nominated Parcels and Maps
Field Office project lead contacts are listed on the nominated parcel webpage.
Not applicable
Two week public scoping period of nominated lease parcels including preliminary recommendations and stipulations. Stipulation summaries, GIS shapefiles, and maps are also provided. This allows the public an opportunity to provide comments, which are then analyzed and incorporated into the environmental analysis as appropriate.
30 Day Public Review

EA & Unsigned FONSI 

Comments on these documents should be submitted to the individual Field Offices.
Not applicable
Thirty day public review and comment period of the lease sale Environmental Assessment (EA) and the unsigned Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI). Comments received from the public will be analyzed and incorporated into the environmental analysis as appropriate.
Lease Sale Notice 

Sale Notice
Not applicable
Notice of Competitive Lease Sale and lease sale Environmental Assessment (EA) posting with unsigned Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI). Thirty day lease sale protest period begins.  
Protest Period 
  • Protests Received
  • Protest Response
Not applicable 

Lease sale protests received from the public during the 30-day protest period and the BLM's responses to the protests and decisions.  

For information on how to file a protest, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.  

Sale Results
Not applicable 
Summary of the lease sale results. It includes the total number and acreage of parcels sold and the net revenue (bonus bids, fees and first-year rentals) generated from the sale. 
EA, FONSI & Decision Record 
Not applicable 
Final lease sale EA with signed FONSI and Decision Record (DR). 
LR2000 Lease Issuance Report
Not applicable
Report of the leases issued after the sale.